Snippets for a Better Tomorrow


"I wish you'd start recycling your old newspapers..."

One activity that I love to unwind with over the weekend is to sit down and catch up with a pile of a week’s worth of newspaper. A little tower of them, when I have to make up for the previous week as well. It just about feels like you are catching up on an entire series of that popular soap or the highlights of a series of matches that everyone is talking about but you were too caught up in the web of chores and responsibilities to sit back and enjoy. The advantage is that you never miss the details and you save the stress of figuring out that nail-biting, heart-thumping finish as you have already heard it.

I am also among those people who cannot drink in every inch of the newspaper or a magazine without cutting out (read tearing out) an interesting article for later reference or to enjoy a read of the same at another time.

My cutouts for that week will depend on how I feel like on that particular day.

If it is a period after a stint of holidaying and binging, my cutouts would range from  eating right or eating less to a series of yoga postures that seem graceful when performed by the toned woman in the pictures but close to impossible when it is your turn to try. Sometimes it is sport and other times a dose of inspiration.

Instead of cutting out just the article of interest, I usually save up the entire page.

Little Princess is delighted to see her mother tear up paper and just to keep my catching up going without untoward tantrums  from her side, she gets her turn at tearing after I am done with mine.

Now these saved-up snippets overflow from shoe boxes that occupy the uppermost deck of the cupboard. Having realized that the tomorrow has never come and those life changing alterations that I had once resolved never became, I recently took a quick peek into one. I was left in a fix as to what part of that paper inspired me to save it up. I am even left wondering if Little Princess swapped hers with mine.

Now, I might need another weekend to deal with those.

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  1. I was all smiles reading this post and was imagining the pile up. Clearly indicates the patience to classify, organize, maintain and retrieve. I do understand the importance of time and it does really become difficult especially in today’s world to choose the right news that actually matters to one, of the thousands thrown at us.
    I lost touch with reading newspaper 10 years back and currently catch snippets of news on an app called ‘inshorts’. I do remember the forcing of habit of reading newspaper in our high school, and every student by their turn read out the main news identified by the designated teacher each day after the morning prayers but newspapers were indeed small in volume back then and news was decently classified too and only the important ones were placed which made things easier. I have even forgotten the genre that interested me in newspaper columns. Thanks for the post, heartfelt.

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    • Thank you, Ravi. You are right, newspapers have grown in volume, what with sponsors and real estate agencies eating up most of the space. Reading the newspaper was inculcated back during my school days, as you rightly said, that which was deemed compulsory but now has blossomed into an exercise that I love to undertake. For me little shots of news simply will not do. But in this busy world where simply everything is at ones fingertips, it is quicker to catch up with the news rather than a detailed account.

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  2. Hahaha, this is a fun read!
    Me too, I have “stuff” (assortments of shell, stones, sticks, twigs, etc), sort of memorabilia from places I’ve been to, which I also keep on a chest. At times I wonder why and what do I keep them for 😅.

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    • Some of our actions do not have an explanation or a sense of rationality, not even when we do it. I have to confess that I have a bag full of memorabilia too among the many others ‘stuff’ that I hoard without reason. So glad that I am not alone there, Andrei. Thank you, Andrei and wishing you a great week ahead.


  3. Aha! I remember last time I cut newspaper was during college since I love to keep the quotes appearing on a single column of ToI and HT. Yoga is pure bliss and at times, got to move my ass to doing it. Enjoyed the titbit about your life.

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  4. Hahahaha! Ugly and painful reproduction of the yoga poses, been there friend, one of the main reasons I couldn’t like the girls they show in the movies, join an upscale “yoga class” donning pretty work out clothes because I need my privacy at least till I reach the socially accepted stage😂😂
    Ah, what a delightful read! Still smiling. You’re gifted when comes to writing and humour😊☺️
    I take pictures in my phone to save “ingenious articles” and now they are lying under the folder “phone back up” on my laptop! So yeah mine is hogging the virtual space! When you wrote if the Little Princess exchange with mine. Hahahaha!
    Have a nice day😊☺️

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  5. I liked this…. “I was left in a fix as to what part of that paper inspired me to save it up. I am even left wondering if Little Princess swapped hers with mine.”
    Ha haa.. 😄
    wishing you a hectic “another weekend”!

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  6. ‘snipetting'(if at all there’s word like that seems to be a favorite past time of women. My mother’s favorite cutouts from papers and magazines include recipes, which are still gathering dust over the years, giving the rest of us dust allergy!! nobody dares touch them, for fear of being outdone by silverfish, a marathon sneezing episode, running nose, teary eyes, and maybe(who know) an occasional centipede!

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    • Haha! It is news that snipetting is a woman’s habit as I can naturally assume that men do not have the patience to go about this task. I can almost hear my son make your exact same statement about 10 years from now. Until that, I am safe 🙂


  7. Ha ha…you know even as I was reading your post, I was in total awe that you actually went back to reading the cut-outs until I read the end :). Trust me that tomorrow will not come in the busy lives we lead until finally you need to move homes or you get into a clutter-free drive and this wonderful collection goes into trash bags in the blink of a eye and a heavy heart. And then you realize your life didn’t stop :). Again, purely my experience. The post brought back a lot of memories Pranitha. Happy De-cluttering my dear! Little Princess must hope mummy never stops this admirable habit 🙂 XOXO

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    • Thank you, Smitha. Yet to sort that pile out. But it is fun to read through the by-gone days (some as old 2008) but unfortunately, I have ten other jobs awaiting my attention so gets a bit tedious. I know I have to get to it fast or like you mentioned, it becomes trash after the pile gets unable to manage and if we choose to move. Even yesterday we tore out sheets, she hers and me mine and now I need to check if she swapped in the process 😉
      Good day, Smitha. 🙂


      • Ha ha.. looks like mommy and baby’s favorite past-time. Must be quite a picture to see the two of you amidst heaps of paper looking all serious and focused😊.
        Yes, it is fun to read old papers because it brings back memories of the time and place when you tore it. But wow! Hats off to you, managing and retaining all of that. You have a great day too my dear❤.

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  8. Haha I absolutely hear you!! I had completely forgotten this part of me that was not very long ago. Magazines and old newspapers that needed to be read all over again to find out what made me save them! LOL
    I love your lighthearted style and writings!

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  9. I got to agree here with you pranitha. While cleaning, often I come across old discolored newspapers itself and I wonder why I have kept them? 🤔🤔. All said and done, I still prefer physical hard copies of newspapers and books for their fragrance and feel. Lovely read and you sure do bring a smile on my face with your posts. So thanks for that ☺️☺️

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  10. I’m smiling and nodding as I read your words…I love to tear out pages that catch my eye and cut out snippets (recipes, health tips, decorating hacks) to tuck away for later…every once in awhile I do a purge and move the articles I can’t bear to part with into a paper folder ever hopeful that the magic in those pieces might transform my world!

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  11. I used to do the exact same thing! Actually, I still do, sometimes. But I mostly take pictures with my phone of whatever fascinating article/recipe/story I’m so determined to not forget about, instead of adding to the chaos and clutter. 😄

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