Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall


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I look in the mirror

And what do I see

A strange looking person

That surely cannot be me.


For, I am much younger

And not nearly so fat

As that strange face in the mirror

That I am looking at.


Oh, where are those mirrors

That I used to know

Like the ones which were made

Some thirty years ago.


Now all things have changed

And I’m sure you’ll agree

Mirrors are not made as good

As they once used to be.


So never be concerned,

About those wrinkles and flab that your eyes see

For one thing I’ve learned

That is now very clear to me,


Should your complextion

Be less than perfection,

It is really the mirror

That surely needs the correction!





Good morning! I hope all of you are relaxing and enjoying this happy Sunday. Sharing a poem that I came across and found very interesting and amusing. Enjoy!


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  1. “It is surely the mirror that needs correction!”
    You’re so much like me, my friend. I’m not making this up, I have realised you look extra ugly in some mirrors especially those in low lights and above washbasin. And then there are some which make you look better. Nonetheless, I enjoyed every word of your poem. You should write more of these, love them😁☺️

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  2. Have stopped looking too much at mirrors now. They aren’t good at all. Still remember when I was 16 and my dad actually commented on me looking into every mirror I passed by😊. They were good then, no matter what. Have to agree with your poem. Very well put Pranitha.πŸ‘Œ

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