What Do You Practice?


'How can you just lie there all day?'

What do you practice?

Do you practice patience and tolerance or do you practice impatience, frustration and anger?

Whatever you practice, you will only get good at it.

Do you fume in frustration all through a family evening out,

about the weak connectivity that is not efficient enough

to upload a picture of #MyAwesomeFamilyDayOut on your social media page.

Or do you practice to disconnect and connect with real people?


What do you practice?

Do you practice positivity and optimism or do you practice complaining?

Whatever you practice, you will only get good at it.

Do you whine, grumble and growl about bright sunny days, dark starry nights

and your smart phone that you think is as dumb as a door knob.

Or do you practice smiling and drinking life to the lees with all the joys that are on offer?


What do you practice?

Do you practice compassion or do you practice indifference and heartlessness?

Whatever you practice, you will only get good at it.

Does the news of refugees freezing to death with little to protect themselves from the bitter cold

not shake you up as much as the depression you find yourself slipping into

at the sight of your friend pouting in the Chanel ‘little black dress’ that you cannot have.

Or do you practice to count your blessings and share some?


What do you practice?

Do you practice to smile every morning and a minute of self reflection?

Do you practice to enjoy the little joys of life, the glow of health and a minute of prayer?

Do you practice knowing and accepting all that you are –  taking responsibilities for your actions?

Whatever you practice, you will only get good at it.

For when you know your true self and acknowledge your imperfections,

you realize that you are gifted with a purpose on this journey called life,

that your happiness stems from sharing and caring more than getting and forgetting.

And when you understand yourself enough to know what a great gift you are,

then the image that you see in the mirror will be nothing less than perfect!


Good Morning! Wishing you all a very happy Sunday.  I hope you enjoy this little drop of inspiration among all the fun and celebrations that has been aligned for you today.

For all those whose homes are alight with the celebrations of Makar Sankaranthi, Happy Sankaranthi to all of you.





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  1. Now, most of the time I try to practice patience, compassion, empathy, and optimism but seriously don’t know when and where the negatives take over and I can’t think I ever practiced to be this person I have ended up becoming. it’s an everlasting struggle between who you are and what you want to be with all the variables and biases thrown in. Thanks for this thought-provoking piece.

    P.S Wish you Praveen and the kids a very happy new year.

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    • So good to catch you here, Santhosh. Thank you very much for your New Year wishes. Wish you and your lovely family the same.
      In this road of life that is sometimes even, sometimes bumpy and sometimes ridden with potholes – we all strive to reach the perfection of positivity and joy but Alas! our mind gets demotivated here , a streak of negativity there; anger and frustration for all that has not become. As mortals in this ‘smart’ world, we all go through this, only that each of us are at different degrees of the same.
      This was a reminder for myself as much as I wanted to share my thoughts, Santhosh. Thank you for your very honest feedback.

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  2. Your post makes the reader think and reflect Pranitha. There are so many things I would like to practice and have many failed attempts to my credit 😉. But the one thing I constantly strive to practice is to be a better human being!
    Happy Sankranti to you and your family!

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  3. A wonderful post, Pranitha! Lately, I practice acceptance of my husband’s idea. affirmation of right things and good things he’s done. I practice making positive comments on my daughter’s posts of my granddaughter. I practice sending out emails to let people in illness that I remember them in my thoughts. I practice sending out thank yous, after good gatherings.


  4. One part of my soul wanted to be in the good book of everyone at some point in my life.. and there is a devil’s advocate within me who asks me why do I need to be polite or why do I need to practice all those soft skills…

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  5. Hey friend. Happy Makar Sankranti to you as well. I hope you had a good time. 😊 😃 This form of writing from you was refreshing, although I absolutely *read* ABSOLUTELY love and look forward to your hilarious takes on everyday life which inspire me every week, but this is quite interesting as well. This was definitely thought provoking. I try to have a positive, compassionate, patient, content and kind outlook in life but I’m struggling friend especially with my temper and I’ve started expecting things from some close people and when they disappoint and even life as well, I lose my cool but I’m trying to get rid of this recent change. How about you? Anything bothers you?

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    • Hey, TW. Hope you had a super Sankaranthi. Do you actually get to fly kites? Little Princess was made to fly a plastic cover held by a jute string and she was thrilled. Now we fly whatever is left of that at home with the table fan on😂
      Frankly, I too enjoy writing humor but this was a try as a reminder for myself and all my lovely virtual friends. It is true that we all expect and expect a lot from all those who are close to us and get terribly disappointed when we do not get the reaction in return. Not sure if you read between the lines but I remind myself that it is important to not take yourself too seriously and let go. It works and helps you see things a little more clearly. This is what I am trying to work on. I hope this helps, my friend. So so glad that you were so open and frank about your feelings. These are surely the feedback that I connect and look forward to, Vagheesha🙏🏻😇

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      • I lost it at “flying whatever remains of it with table fan,” hahahahaha! It’s a treat reading and talking to you! Where I stay, we don’t fly kites, that happens in Gujarat. This time around I actually went there to see the magic. It is magical, I will make a post on it. I tried flying the kite, it’s actually fun you know😄😄
        I’m sorry I rushed to share my experiences forgetting the important lesson that had struck me while going through it. I know that helps, thank you for reminding me my dear friend. I need to practice it more.
        I got a bit carried away lol, now I feel a little weird about opening up in a comment especially because I don’t easily.
        But your response is reassuring so that is helping😄 and my dear friend, I’m sorry but it’s Vageesha😂😋 not your fault, half of my friends initially called me that and some still do to annoy me! Take care and have a great week ahead😊

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      • Don’t be, sorry i mean. It is absolutely fine. You know I even thought that you had managed to understand a lot of what was on my mind. Hope you feel better about that, Vageesha 🙂
        Will look forward to that post on kites, I have never flown one if you discount flying a plastic cover under the confines of a home and a table fan. So glad you got to do it, heard it is fun but never done it. Enlighten us with your newly acquired skills my dear.
        Until then, take care and have a great week ahead.

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      • Alright then😃 that does make me feel better. That’s the beauty of your work, there are so many amazing things to think over later even when they aren’t explicitly mentioned. I’m afraid I haven’t acquired the skill yet, I just tried my hand, would love to learn the art. It’s actually. Yes I will write about them soon. Have an amazing week my dear friend and take care😃♥️😘


  6. Hi Pranitha
    Hope you had a wonderful Sankranthi!
    These thoughts you’ve so beautifully strung together are not just a breath of fresh air but heavy with profound meaning and inspiration. It made me ponder and think about what I practice. I know I am going to bookmark this and read this often.

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  7. I love the words repeated throughout, “Whatever you practice, you will only get good at it.”, this should be required reading for all…these are beautiful reminders to help us become better at being rather than doing! Thank you, Pranitha!

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  8. I know I’ve commented earlier. Happened to read this poem again and must say I loved it. I love the repetition of the line ‘ whatever you practice, you’ll only good at it”. Am sharing this on fb Pranitha if it’s fine with you.

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