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When Little Princess’s world expanded from the confines of our home into the exciting world of Kindergarten, she first tasted the sweetness of friendship and the bitterness of fights.

Soon enough, she found her ‘best friend’. The girls were inseparable; however, the days when her bestie did not show up, the void was occupied by another ‘best friend’ who suited her needs for that one day.

As for us grown ups living in a virtually connected world, making friends is a mere click away.

It takes people with a singular passion for the written word to contrive an alluring world of fantasy and imagination that are skillfully woven into delicately beautiful strings of meaningful poetry, prose and stories.

And I am glad to be a proud citizen of this creative world.

It has been two wonderful years since I wrote my first post (after months of contemplation) and hit the ‘publish’ button.

As I fumbled through the expanse of the blogosphere, I found new friends who read, encouraged and paved the path for me to tread on my journey with hope and confidence.

Realizing my dream – one post at a time – has given more meaning to life as it opened doors to sweet friendship and unimaginable opportunities.

Thank you, dear friends, for your time, support and your valuable feedback.

It means the world to me!



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  1. And thanks to you for keeping us entertained! I’ve said this a lot of times but I’ll say it again- your posts make us think and laugh at the same time. Congrats on making it to the second year. So proud of you, dear! Here’s to living dreams – one blog post at a time. ❤️🤗😄

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    • There you are, Shweta! It is so good to catch you here, yet again. Thanks a ton! Yes, living dreams, literally, just as you are. Now you can count a lot of hearts and happy emojis here. (on my laptop now)


      • It seems like we’re playing hide and seek. Oru comment kazhinju Kore kazhinju aayirikkum njan kaanunnath! 😅 Glad to hear that you’re doing well. Ini naatilott eppozha? Onamthine ollo? Haha smiley illenkile manassilakum laptop aa ennu. 😉 Lots of love and hugs, 🤗😄

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      • Hey, Shwetha. Athey, we are playing hide and seek. Me too caught up with a lot of things here and I know you are juggling a lot of things too. Athey ivide holidays thudanzhi (athu oru therakkaanu) and naatileeku poganda therakaanu. Onam kazhizhutte thirichu varullu. Avide entha parupaadi
        Athey laptop aanu 😉
        Lots of love to my dear. I have decided that njan ellam blogs eee ayacha vaaykyum ennu. So will be at your space soon. njan message chaiyyam varande details ayittu. Lots of love and hugs too, my dear. Happy Sunday. 🙂 count a lot of hearts here 🙂


      • Spelling veendum thettichallo 😉 Naattil aanalle. Aha nalla long vacation aanallo. 😀 Nannayitt enjoy cheyyu. Ivide prethekich paripaadi onnumilla. Cooking okke pareekshikuke aa. Ini Kore postukal varaan ond. Research material thappi vere oridathum pokendi vanilla. 😂😂😂 Happy Sunday dear. Lots of love and hugs. 😄

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      • Oh I know vendum thetichu, Shweta 🙂 Oru long break, vacation inu sheesham veedum evide ethi. Naatil okkey okay alley after the floods?
        Ini I should visit all of your spaces. Tackling the comments first. Cannot wait to read all that I have missed, one task I love to do.:)


    • Absolutely, Indira. For two years this space and my virtual friends have been a part of my real world too! Not to mention a few wonderful people from this world whom I have even met in person.Thank you for your support and feedback after every post.

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    • Thank you, Kim. You are one of my first friends to have stopped, supported, encouraged and stood by as I slowly built my dream space in the blogosphere. Your warm words always leave me feeling more confident and encourage me to come up with better ideas and thoughts. Hope all is well at your side of the world.

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      • Wow, I’m so humbled by your beautiful words and appreciate your lovely feedback on my site each time you pop by…I’m so blessed to have stopped by to have that first read and after reading this, all is well in my part of the world!


  2. :-), WordPress releases heart relishing moments on Sunday mornings and getting to read the weekend articles is a bliss. Thanks for being here and contributing excellent articles


  3. Ooh two years! Congratulations! Yours is one of the few blogs I take absolute delight in reading. And you’re ever so kind and considerate. I hope we’ll be getting more and more posts for the next ten years, at least. Good luck! 💚


  4. My friend! I knowwww! I had disappeared again! I was travelling and days had been busy. I notice you had been keeping busy yourself. How have you been? I have missed you so so much and our conversations. I’m glad to feel that when you had written this post you had us in your mind. I certainly feel the same. I’m so glad to have found you here♥️😄 your rich work deserves all the praises so yes, I will comment on all♥️ will catch up on your work soon. Come back!


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