Fashion-ing the Ideal Parent


"I'm looking for a book on how to raise kids easily, but I can't seem to find it anywhere..."

Sid can compete with Maggie Noodles where dressing up is concerned.

The exercise consists of snatching the first pair of clothes that falls in his line of vision; this lesser activity multi tasked with more important activities  that usually involve a bat and a ball. The rest of the grooming routine usually requires gentle or loud reminders from one of his parents.

So we were as shocked as he was when he was shortlisted for a Fashion Show at school – the proceeds of which will be used to fund the education of underprivileged children in India.

That evening I caught him staring at the mirror spiking his spiky hair.

By the next morning, I was concerned. He had brought out the entire cupboard on full display matching t-shirts with pants as I am usually known to do.

Later that evening, we sat in the audience and watched him walk the ramp along with his partner, pausing to pose and give a half-smile before making an exit.

On our way back home, he was full of excited banter about the fun time backstage and his new friends.

As soon as we got home, he rushed into the washroom without a reminder. As I looked out of the window to check if the Sun had miraculously set in the East, he appeared to be relieved having washed off the hair gel and make up.

My son was back to being his disheveled self, ready to curl up with a book.

Every experience – the good, the not-so-good and awesome childhood experiences contribute to making our children the adult that they become; developing values that will anchor them to safety whenever the storms of uncertainty and change threaten while reinforcing a solid foundation to building a fulfilling life.

As a mother, I wish to drag my children back into the protective embrace of my womb, but I remind myself that the my greatest gift to them will be the wings of experience that will help them learn to fly high and drink life to the very lees as we guide them unhindered by the weight of our dreams and expectations reliving the fun, silliness and joys of childhood with them.


Wishing you all a Happy Sunday!


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  1. Wonderful post, pranitha.
    Yes, I agree. All experiences fro growing years bundle up to form the adults that they become..
    Reading your post, I could picture my elder one. Every other day, the same set of clothes adorn her. The ones lying below, lay there for ages, and she often outgrows them without even using them ☹️

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    • Thank you very much, Deepika. Actually, I thought this only happened with boys and that the girls are more conscious about what they wear and the way they look. I agree that there are many clothes that lie unused until they outgrow them all.
      Good day, Deepika.

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  2. Short and sweet post Pranitha, but filled with a perfect dose of parenting which is so vital for their all round development. I too belong to the same school of parenting. The picture and the quote complement the write up so well. Have a great Sunday P!

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  3. You said it so perfectly. Right, putting them back into the womb never came across our minds when we started growing them in the womb. Every day comes with a new challenge anyway, with ourselves, with our children. Walking by their side is an enjoyable thing to do!!

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    • Thank you so very much, Divya. Yes! That was one moment that will remain with me forever. My son, would be the last one to dress up and pose, considering that he wears the same dress until he has been reminded about it.
      Love to hear from you, my dear friend. Will check out your space soon for the latest wonders that you are creating.


  4. Could picture Sid walking and posing. Must be a delight to see him transform and then get back to being ‘your Sid’ again. Love the quotes. The quotes are perfect. Children teach us…so true. And we must let go so they may find their path.

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    • Absolutely, Smitha. It is easier said than done – to let go. But it is a fact that we remember that from that first moment that the umbilical cord is cut, the separation begins. And to respect that they are individuals who are not our extensions but will have their own likes and dislikes. All they need is for us to understand this and guide them. This is a reminder for me as well. Thank you!

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  5. Yes absolutely.
    My first encounter with your blog and I am more than amazed. At least, we meet for the first time for the last time!
    Cheers to the “Wings of freedom and independence with the spirits flying sky high!” 🙂

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  6. Oh! Hahaha! Sid walked the ramp with a partner throwing half a smile(more common amongst the grown ups!) That had to be an adorable moment ♥️ Definitely memories for life for the parents as well Sid himself.
    I still remember my first fancy dress competition in school when I was very little! At that point I didn’t realise but my teachers could see an extrovert side of me that I let out only when necessary! But it exists otherwise I’m complete introvert! Teachers have an eye to observe our talents. I saw a very different side of Sid through this work of yours, which is also similar to me, the way he handled the whole thing with a different kind of responsibility beyond his age leaving everyone surprised and then going back to his usual self! Haha that was so me when I was his age!
    About the way you ended it, it was beautiful. The advice you have given was million dollar. I understand where you’re coming from and yet daring to allow them to grow gradually for their greater good, I wish many people practiced that♥️
    Have a great week ahead my friend. Take care😍♥️

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    • Hello, my dear friend. So so glad to read your reflection after the read.
      These situations sometimes put to test your abilities that you are unaware you possess and most of the times drag you out of the little cocoon of convenience that you have built in.
      So good to know that you have been through this too, TW, and that you too let your extrovert side loose. Now if I think back, he did that too, he was let down his guard for the few minutes that he was onstage.
      Being a parent is a new lesson everyday. I am learning as much as they are. I just hope that I do my very best.
      You have a great weekend too my dear friend.(please count a heart here)


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