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The Bumpy Road to Happily Ever After


A Wedding Day Promise.

Research has it that marriage may test one’s sanity, but living into old age with a partner also lowers the risk of dementia.

Since the institution of marriage does not come with a handy instruction booklet, after the hazy cloud of blind love faded into reality, we realised that ‘happily-ever-after’ included smoke alarms that cheered on my cooking expeditions, gifts that were meant to surprise became shocks due to misunderstandings of tastes and choices, weird habits that our rose-tinted vision had refused to take note of and normal conversations that snowballed into disagreements and very soon grew into full-blown arguments.

But the bumpy, sometimes steep and otherwise uphill road that we encountered helped strengthen our bond as did my culinary expeditions that strengthened the husband’s digestive system.

When I chanced upon a folded piece of paper that contained a hastily scribbled recipe of a dish that had once — by some strange stroke of luck — turned out as expected without any incidence of accidental burning or charring or meeting friendly neighbours after the smoke alarm raised pandemonium, I decided to surprise my family by pushing my luck yet again.

Luck was once again on my side as the dish turned out to be perfect in taste and appearance. I could almost hear the fanfare music as I placed the garnished masterpiece.

Unfortunately, the music was only audible to my ears as the husband failed to notice amid discussing worldly matters. Sid intently listened to his father’s words as he mindlessly chewed more than the recommended 32 times and forcefully swallowed them when he wished to throw in a question or two about the topic under discussion.

Little Princess was the only one who noticed and screamed her disapproval.

Half way through the meal and between the orations of worldly affairs, the husband took note of the screaming silence emanating from my side of the table and was quick to understand that something was amiss. He looked about for cues from the curtain to my hair. Since it was obvious that I was bound to show no interest in playing a game of 20 questions or throw in clues, he settled for something safer and went on to throw a few compliments about everything except the dish that had been painstakingly cooked and served with love.

Considering that this was an incident that took place more than a year back and that its details are vivid in my mind’s eye to be revived over the table every time I make the lucky dish that had once gone unnoticed, the husband is absolutely sure that living into old age with his partner is definitely going to keep dementia at bay.

He explains that the trick is in dividing the task between the two of us.

I could fill up every brain cell with important events (like the one mentioned above) that have taken place since the first time we met to be brought up as and when the occasion (read argument) demands, while he will keep track of the state of our finances and other less important factors of our life.

As of now, he only worries about keeping his sanity.


The above is an extract from an article published in the Gulf News. For the entire write-up you can check here.

Wishing all of you a very happy and relaxed Sunday.



A Competition Called Life



“Seize every minute of this day”

“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going”

There is no dearth for motivation on social media. Reminder in 50s and 100s every morning is a good thing so that we put on our running shoes and throw ourselves into the breathless crowd that is racing against time to achieve set goals and targets.

On a weekend morning, we decided to seize the day treating ourselves to an early lunch followed by a visit to the shopping mall.

After clicking pictures with a robot that walked, talked, sang songs and did all that was expected of it, we took a cue from Sid and made our way to a bookstore to get our dose of food for the brain (while we seize the rest of the day).

Little Princess settles in the seating area with an improvised Peppa Pig storybook that appeared to be bigger than her and did a snort with every page turn.

Sid already had his nose in a fact finder.

It was then that we bumped into a friend who was leaving the store balancing a bag full of books. After the pleasantries, I enquired about his wife and son.

“They are at home preparing for his Olympiads” he said, “I am here to pick up some additional reference material for the KenDoku competition that is soon to follow.”

“Some books on logical thinking and the public speaking course that he takes,” he explained, “we let him play chess during his free time so a book to perfect the game too,” he finished.

I was reminded of the robot that we clicked pictures with as it had gone about perfecting all that was expected of it as the proud father gave us an account of the rigorous effort that went into preparing their son to keep pace with the pell-mell rush to stand out in the rising competition.

I looked at the husband hopelessly.

Sid spent his evening reading books, playing with friends, attempting hard to get a tennis ball across a net with a racquet – none of which qualified as academically enlightening.

Even his weekly swimming classes were not geared on getting him to swim the English Channel but to be able to save his life or another if a situation may arise.

Disappointed at being unable to exercise our bragging rights in this area of parenting, we bid him adieu after managing to lend our ear with a smiles and nods.

On our way back, I find myself questioning my ‘unambitious’ parenting ways.

Little Princess has learnt to snort.

Sid rants on about his new find – ‘Monday with the Mad Genius’ – a fact finder about Leonardo da Vinci. The ‘Salvator Mundi’ that was sold for $450.3 million has piqued his interest.

Questions and doubts that build up into a full-fledged quiz about his newly acquired knowledge ensues, leaving me fumbling and scrabbling at Google’s doorstep.

My son may be far from the mad rush of competition where children are dragged from pillar to post perfecting every task among the endless ones on offer, but I am glad that I find myself in this blissful scrabbling mess as Sid embraces childhood at his own pace – one fact finder at a time.



Thank You!


“Until you pick up a pen and begin writing, you will never know the mistakes you can make”, encouraged the husband.

But I had written. I wrote every single day. Writing gave me wings, a sense of fulfillment, a sense of self-worth and excited me to no end.

Someone said, “Anything that gets your blood racing is worth doing.”

That is when the idea of a blog took shape.

Six months down, this space has become the platform on which I have had the pleasure of giving form to my thoughts, talking about the matters of the world as I see it, sharing what I hear and read and expressing my sometimes bizarre and otherwise mundane musings into words with hopes of putting a smile on at least one of my reader’s faces!

Thank you, my dear friends, cousins, brothers, sisters, aunties, and uncles who have taken precious time from your day to read my posts and paused a while longer to let me know what you think. (If I have tagged you, please consider it to be my personal message of gratitude to you, your support and your encouragement – it means the world to me.)

Thank you, my virtual ‘Wordpress’ friends!   By stopping by, following, commenting, encouraging and reading every one of my posts – you are my best cheerleaders.  If there is anything better than writing, it is to never miss an opportunity to ‘meet’ you all and take a peek into your worlds, your thought, and opinions.  It is wonderfully comforting to know that there is a world of people who share my madness – a passion for writing!

For all those who laughed at the face of my passion, those who questioned me as to how much my blog paid me and those who challenged my writing abilities by sending me the strangest videos to write about, a big Thank you to you – you taught me to be ‘de-motional’ (

Quoting Mr. Khan, “Madness is an absolute prerequisite to a happy and successful life. Don’t ever treat your little insanities as if they are aberrations that ought to be hidden from the rest of the world.”

formal-happy-new-year-2015Wishing You and Your Family a Happy and Prosperous 2017!

The Mystery of the Mysterious Disappearances and Other Stories


Our household has been gripped by a strange disease that calls itself ‘toon fever’. The symptoms of this disease usually manifests in the form of victims being hooked to the same episodes of cartoons being played in a continuous loop, relating and reacting to any situation as one of the cartoon character would and in some rare cases address family members and acquaintances as one of the characters. Any disruption to this activity causes loud crying fits and tantrums that calls for timely distraction (e.g. painting that usually begins on a painting book that later extends to the already colored walls of the room after the book is left soaking wet). The victim’s world  becomes ‘toon world’ where the people around them take shape of one or more ‘toon character’ based on what the situation demands. Thankfully, ours is restricted to superheroes, who by the night, face fiendish villains (PJ Masks) and the adventures of the heroic reporter – Tin Tin .

Every mysterious disappearance (which began at about the same time that Little Princess began her exploration expedition) in our once-organized household result in Little Princess singing the PJ mask anthem – “PJ mask we are on our way, into the night to save the day”.

Recently, a tub of face cream mysteriously disappeared overnight. After the usual blame game, my first stop was the toy cabinet; a careful scrutiny got me two ladles and a butter knife that I had given up searching and assumed would have reached the landfill by now. Since it was obvious who the culprit was, I tried asking Little Princess (who I hoped against hope would reveal her most recent hiding place). I even repeated the PJ anthem after her only that together we upturned every piece of furniture – even the shoe cabinet, but to no avail. That afternoon, as watched a re-run of an episode of Tin Tin (of which I can swear that I know every word by heart), I (an unfortunate ‘toon’ victim too) willed my mind to think like the heroic reporter and replay the events of the night when I last laid eyes on the tub of face cream. I vaguely remember Little Princess walking around with a bag of Pampers in hand. I had missed checking the bag of Pampers (for obvious reasons) and there it was – not one but two tubs of face cream, Sid’s school stationary and a comb that I thought that I had misplaced.

Yesterday morning saw my Kindle do the disappearing act. I panicked – not my Kindle! As always I sweetly and patiently questioned the obvious culprit. Little Princess first told me that the Moths and Luna Girl (a PJ Night Villain) took it. A deep breathe and further patient questioning followed by singing the PJ anthem, agreeing to be called Owlette (PJ Superhero) and even trying to look like one after tying up a red scarf around my neck, Little Princess dragged me to the bookshelf where the Kindle was neatly stacked amongst the rest of my books.

Every time there is a mysterious disappearance, even as I panic and make a mental note to be more careful and keep things away from Little Princess’s prying eyes and inquisitive mind, I must confess that the mother in me is secretly thrilled at the thought of being my daughter’s superhero!






I would like to start my first post with a beautiful number that the Primary School Choir (my son – Sid included) sang on Primary Prize Day at school. I am not sure if it is the weight of the words that the song carried or was it the mother inside me that saw the performance of the talented best or an emotional blend of both that caught me listening to them in awe, drinking on their every word, registering their very essence with tears in my eyes and my chest heaving with pride.

Be sure to be inspired…


When I look up to the stars, there is a burning deep inside me

and I feel the power growing in my soul.

There is something I can sense deep within the dream to guide me,

and I know that I am reaching for my goal.

I can do anything at all

I can climb the highest mountain.

I can feel the ocean calling wild and free.

I can be anything I want

with this hope to drive me onward.

If I can just BELIEVE in me.

When the skies are dark and gray we still know the sun is shining,

though it’s out of sight, its light is glowing still,

and as long as I believe, there is nothing I cant with for,

Not a dream that I am unable to fulfill

I can do anything at all

I can climb the highest mountain.

I can feel the ocean calling wild and free.

I can be anything I want

with this hope to drive me onward.

If I can just BELIEVE in me.

And whatever it takes, I will find it somehow,

whatever it needs, I will show I am strong,

whatever it takes, I will make it happen

finding out where I belong.

When the world is spinning round,

I can sometimes loose directions,

and I know how hard it is to find my way

When there are friends around to care, there is nothing I can’t handle

as I face the future treasuring each day.

I can do anything at all

I can climb the highest mountain.

I can feel the ocean calling wild and free.

I can be anything I want

with this hope to drive me onward.

If I can just BELIEVE in me.