The High Cost of an Impromptu Visit to the Supermarket



On a cold winter evening, I snuggle in the blissful comforts of a warm bed with a book for company. But bliss can only be complete with a steaming cup of filter kaapi.

The intoxicating aroma of the ground beans cloud my caffeine-deprived mind nudging me to drag myself out of the warm comforts of the bed and pay tribute to the beans.

As I pour hot water into the filter and the gentle drip of thick coffee become music to my ears, I remember that the milk has all been used up.

There are  two options before me – a phone call and an extra buck can bring the precious bottle of milk right by my doorstep in about the time that I can chide about my unorganized ways or I can save the buck and get some exercise with a quick walk to the supermarket where I can pick up a fresh bottle of my choice of milk – from among the low-fat, full-fat, double-cream, half-cream options.

A quick browse of the counter beside it and then every counter and asile after and before it will soon stack the cart with everything that I would and would not require on another rainy day.

Realization and regret on my impromptu shopping spree strikes only after the bill has been handed over. I force myself to see the bright side of the situation, thanking my stars that I had chosen to carry the card instead of digging deep into my pocket.

I must confess that the free tutelage on haggling from the experts in my younger days during the many visits to the local market have been wasted by the supermarket revolution.

I, like the rest of its loyal customers, will queue up with a cart full of what I think are the choicest picks from the zillion brands and trillion varieties made available, willing to part with a big chunk of my bank balance and shed tears of joy when they surprise me with a gift voucher that will ensure that I am back on yet another shopping spree with a paltry discount in return for more than a decade of loyalty.

As for my caffeine-deprived, cold evening – my choice has been made and so has the phone call. I am sure the delivery person will be at my doorstep even as I dig deep into my wallet to fish out the extra buck and the music of the dripping coffee has come to a halt.



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  1. Very well written Pranitha madam. We too once enjoyed visiting departmental stores (total\more) for the varied choices available. The concepts of these stores are all at one place and one does end up shopping more than what is required to and also in bulk. D-Mart is quite a name in Hyderabad and recently when we stepped into one of them in Bangalore, we were utterly shocked noticing the crowd that had gathered for shopping. It was a scene as though things were being sold free and people flocking and rushing into each other and utter chaos, with no place no walk literally. That was the last time I stepped into D-Mart. We have now shifted to Amazon for all our grocery shopping at the tip of the button and utilizing the opportunity cost sitting in the balcony and sipping our tea peacefully instead and me reading few posts of my fellow bloggers or creating a blog post in that hour.
    Back in childhood, visiting vegetable markets alongwith dad were on thursdays (fair) in the evening and i accompanied him only because of the masala dosa that came in barter and I must say, it was indeed a great walk to the market and shopping was altogether a different ball game then. Purchase what is really needed and money knew its value.

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    • Thank you, Ravi. The supermarket revolution have made a simple shopping into something that will rob us off a big chunk of money. Not sure how online stores work, never tried up until now, at least as far as grocery is concerned. But it must save a lot of time and effort too.
      Your childhood story takes me back in time to our local market too. I have written it in here – Please read it when you have the time.
      Yes, the joys of enjoying a simple masala dosa was something we so looked forward to and that too at such a reasonable rate.


      • Pranitha Madam, just loved your beautiful writing in the gulf news. Amazingly written and so natural. Loved the humor sitting in the smiling hen. Yes, very right our ears never heard the word ‘organic’ and the very first time our parents heard it, they were wondering if these vegetables came out from a soil of a different planet. I do recall thursday was the day meant for fair spread with vegetables where we got absolute fresh vegetables. Fifty to seventy five rupees brought back two filled bags, the larger one carried by Dad and me carrying the other one (half the weight of the other) which would be the fodder until next week. And without refrigeration the vegetables did stay intact in their state and thanks to Bangalore climate. We ate a hearty and healthy meal, must say.

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      • That is wonderful,Ravi. I must say that you are lucky to get two bags full of veggies at such a low rate, it must be because it is from a weekly fair where they are fresh unlike the supermarket produce which have stayed in the cold storage for days. I was shocked during my last visit to Bangalore when I could hardly buy a bag without shelling out a good Rs. 500 plus. I remember thinking that Bangalore’s cost of living has increased so very much.
        I hope you have a week full of a healthy and tasty spread from your mom’s and wife’s creativity.
        Wishing you a great day, Ravi and Thank you! So glad to see your feedback. Will check out your space very soon.


  2. Hey dear P, I guess we have a lot in common. As I read your post, I was only wondering, how can someone be so much like me🤔🤔. I do this all the time and convince myself that the deal was good, or I anyways would have soon needed it and so picked it up 😁

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  3. So how was that filter kaapi? ☺️
    Hi friend, you’ve keeping busy I feel. How are you doing and how’s our little Princess?
    You should see the way I sometimes dramatically walk away from silently calling out racks stacked up with instant noodles, pasta, chocolates and wafers! Also perfumes and cosmetics. So I understand your predicament for not heading to one readily, for a packet of beans! That discount is usually a scam which ends up in us paying way more than we intended to😭
    Once again a delight to read you, I’m so glad I get to read your work on Sundays, adds to the fun!
    Take care, my dear friend. Have a nice week ahead☺️

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    • Hey, Vageesha (is that right?)
      So so good to catch you here again. Filter kaapi was, is and always will be super.:)
      You guessed it just right, my dear friend, I have been keeping really busy. A lot in hand along with a sick Little Princess. She has been unwell and down with fever, cough and a ear infection. So was too busy the last two weeks. Glad that she is recovering though.
      We are so so far away and yet so glad that you even understood.:) Thankyou!
      Oh! The predicament I am at the supermarket is just another one. I try hard to not stack my cart with everything that calls at me on my way to the counter but wonder how they just end up inside.
      I hope you had a wonderful Sunday. Take care and enjoy my dear friend. 🙂 (count a heart in here)

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      • Hey my friend, yes you’ve got my name right☺️
        I’m sorry to hear that, how is she doing now? It’s the season, people are falling sick all over. I wish our little princess a very quick recovery. Sending lots of love and happiness her way.
        I’ll always understand my dear friend, you need not worry about that. Take out time for yourself too, it gets overly exhausting for the mamas.
        Hahaha same here my friend, the supermarket dilemma☺️ You too take care and have a super week. ♥️♥️☺️☺️😍😍

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      • Thank you so very much my dear dear friend. Your love and happiness what I need now. Its so nice to know that there are people who wish to see you well!
        You know, I got a shock to see that there were so many posts that I had missed and you had so beautifully complied. I enjoyed every one of them, my dear, specially the escape. The picture too did justice to your words.
        Keep them coming, Vageesha. I will come back to every one of them, without fail, may be all at once at times.


      • I have said this before, I’ll say this again, you’re hands are as it is full. Read and like other comments of mine but reply to one, and write everything in that one to save you time. I just keep feeling that I don’t want to burden you when you already are☺️
        And oh wow, you know the last line made me so happy! Hahaha I never worry my friend because I know you’d read my work someday and leave your valuable and much awaited remarks, you just need some time and I’m totally fine with that. It’s okay.
        Thank you and I’d read your work too, always ♥️😘take care my friend and faster recovery and immunity to all☺️

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  4. I loved your narration Pranitha, another wonderful article ! Not a big coffee drinker but I can definitely relate to those hankerings you’ve described so well.
    What I also relate to is the spilling cart in grocery stores. Only when I shop alone, do I restrain myself since I would have to carry all those bags myself:)

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  5. Oh so true! The supermarkets, the promotions, deals and offers and before you know it, you’ve spent so much more than you intended to. Have been chiding myself on my supermarket bills😌. Lovely post! You made the right choice Pranitha to call the supermarket guy.

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