To the Mother with Love



It has been more than a year since my cousin’s wedding and that dreaded phone call from Father. While I presumed that my parents were enjoying the grandeur of a big fat Indian wedding, Mother had been silently nursing a gnawing discomfort in her stomach.

By the end of the three-day celebration and after concerned relatives had packed and left, Mother’s agony pushed her to visit a doctor.

Hospitalisation in a place far from home quickly followed surgery.

Mother has always been petrified of doctors and hospitals. Whenever the situation to visit a doctor arose, she would cook up a list of excuses and if that failed she escaped into the confines of her sacred space — the kitchen — and cooked up a storm.

Entrapped in the trance of her culinary magic, we succumbed to her excuses. In hindsight, we had come to believe that Mother had a solution to all her problems — just as she always had one for ours.

Her efforts were always taken for granted until it was my turn to wear Mother’s hat.

I now know that patience is a virtue and not a boon that a new Mother is granted after the birth of her first child; that none of the objects that are strewn about after a busy morning grew legs and walked back into place and that it takes love, attention and effort to transform a house into a home.

Post her surgery and recovery, we have understood that Mother is no magic machine and like one of us, she too requires to be cared and sometimes coaxed into ensuring that she is well taken care of.

While she has learnt that her one-size-fits-all remedies might only give her more time at the hospital dreading needles and doctors, away from her favourite space — the kitchen — and to find it topsy-turvy after she makes a comeback.

After her new-found life lesson, Mother made that much-needed dental appointment. She must have been a dentist’s dream for she has quickly elevated to becoming a priority patient.

Dear Mothers, your efforts are often taken for granted as it is your children’s way of reassuring themselves that you are always there for them.

While you continue to love, fret and worry for your children even years after they have left home, it will give your children immense happiness and relief if you were to take care of yourself too.

Here is a reminder that you are a woman like no other and will always hold a special place in your children’s heart!


Dear Friends,

This is an extract from the article published in the Gulf News. To view the full article please click here.  Wishing your Mommy and all the lovely Mommies in the blogosphere a very happy Mother’s Day. 



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  1. Absolutely in sync with your thoughts Pranitha. The other day I received a whatsapp video in which the lady says that ” A super mom is not one who has 8 hands and takes care of everything, but she is like the root who holds the entire family together. Just as healthy roots are essential for a healthy plant, a mom should take care of her health to see that the house functions well”! That is so true isn’t it?

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    • Absolutely, Radhika. A Mother is often portrayed as an embodiment of sacrifice. As a mother, I would gladly give up for my children but in the long run that must not encourage the family to consider the mother to be a sacrificial lamb who is expected to give up everything including one’s health for it. Never too late to wish you too a happy Mother’s day.

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  2. This is so deeply touching Pranitha. I love the perspective that children use it as their assurance of forever support, the fact that mom can take care of everything, everyone and herself. It is a very thoughtful and apt reminder that she needs the assurance and care. As usual I enjoy your unique style of writing very much!

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  3. indeed a touching tribute any mother can deservedly receive. more than taking them for granted, we adopt that ‘oh! nothing’ll go wrong with you, mom’ attitude, especially among doctors, which my mom always complain of! May we, in the ‘busyness’ of our lives, give our attention to much-deserved mothers. They deserve it because they’ve their all for us, and they still do.

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    • Absolutely, Doctor. For us it was a rude awakening from years of denial and believing that she can never fall sick. However unfortunate, we managed to get timely medical attention and support. Glad you feel the same, Doctor. Wishing your Mother too a very happy Mother’s day.


  4. It is only when we become a parent then we understand what our mothers have gone through..a super post. When the wife is not at home something seems missing and i guess it is the motherly role in her that binds the family and makes the house a true home…

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    • I can totally relate, Sunith. I am gone for a few hours and the house looks like a war ground with battered people staring helplessly. It took me being a mother to realize that too and I am sure your wife would very much agree to that.

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  5. That’s so true. Mother’s actions are taken for granted until you move out and realize how much of a responsibility she’s been handling and executing all along. Alone! They should let us fuss over them too, but more often than not, it’s the other way round.


  6. Mothers are so special. They indeed are like super heroes for their children. All the need is small doze of love.
    I like that part of bulging waistlines. This happens with me as well. Still looking for ways to control that bulge. haha. Indians and the ever increasing waistlines.


  7. How beautiful, how very beautiful. All the mothers and especially those from India would be delighted to read this article ♥️ it is the truth, people from earlier times have a strong aversion to the modern medical practices. They’d cook up every reason possible to escape a trip to that dreadful land only till it becomes a necessity.
    And yesss! Their culinary skills♥️ you can get lost in it over and over again and forget about all the stress of the world!
    It was so endearing how you talked of a mother’s relationship with her child and how she would always remain the most special in her child’s heart♥️♥️


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