Love yourself enough to get up and take the fitness challenge


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I enjoy sport — cricket, badminton, tennis or auto racing, if sitting in the comforts of my sofa while cheering on my favourite sport stars’ moments count.

It is difficult not to love sport when the television is perpetually tuned on to one or the other sports channels where experts are delineating the technical details of a match with a discussion of the same by the in-house experts — the husband and Sid leaving me  tongue-tied.

It is not entirely my fault for you see I can rattle off about ten names of engineers under one minute that only the maternal side of my family has contributed to the world, but I would be left jogging my memory for hours to pick up at least one blood relative who has attempted any sort of sport, let alone excel in one.

Let’s just say that we chose a book over a cricket bat or a racket!

I am not much of a talker, but not one to be left tongue-tied either, so I have sat through Sid’s tennis classes and the husband’s badminton tournaments with my most trusted mate — Google, who has been throwing light on facts like the tennis court measures 36 by 78 feet while the badminton court is smaller measuring 20 by 44 feet.

I am yet to put a racket to a ball or a shuttlecock but at least I know the technical difference.

I have understood that sport is not all about the scores and strategies for it teaches you character. Sport teaches you to play by the rules, to accept your defeat and move on after you have learnt from your mistakes and stay grounded as you enjoy basking in the glory of victory.

Sport is a life teacher!

I must admit that it took me a couple of days to appreciate the goodness of exercise for during the first few days even the endorphins didn’t help.

"Wow, all the way from the couch. Have the endorphins kicked in?"

The children were both delighted and mildly traumatised watching me limping about and attempting to lift a painfully sore arm to toss food in the general direction of my mouth.

It took all of a week’s persistence in keeping it up to enjoy the benefits of an exercise routine and be treated to a good dose of endorphins that cleared away cobwebs that had strayed in through the day.

Love yourself enough to pull up your socks and take up the challenge. Together we can turn fitness into a way of life, one step at a time!


Good morning!

This is an extract from the publication in the ‘Off the Cuff’ section of the Gulf News For the full write-up please click here. This was written for the Dubai Fitness Challenge that runs from October 19, 2018 to November 17, 2018, that challenges every Dubai resident to engage in physical activity of their choice for 30 minutes of in a day for 30 days.


 Have a wonderful Sunday!



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  1. Very nice article. I love indoor games – chess, uno, bowling and somehow outdoor never interested me much so never invested self into them. But I do ensure to walk out everyday to convert the glucose to energy emission, which has become important for the current kind of lifestyle we are dealing with. From the past two years, one of my cousin has picked up shooting as his hobby and I happen to know more about the sport and appreciate the challenges involved to reach success. It’s not easy as it looks but then it’s all in the mind. Convincing it, is half job done, rest is will power, dedication and then lastly our muscles and flesh to do the needful

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    • Yes, Ravi, with our sedentary lifestyle requires us to at least get walking into our routine.
      Shooting does not look easy at all, Ravi. I had attempted it once during my school days when we had to go to the shooting camp. The recoil had left me shaking for a while. It sure uses more than just your muscles. It is a tough job.
      Are you taking up shooting too?
      Thank you for your detailed feedback, Ravi, and happy to know you enjoyed the post.


    • Thank you, Deepika. :)) I am smiling my biggest smile reading your message.
      This was a reminder for me as much as for everyone else. The Fitness Challenge was a reason good enough for me to begin my at-least half hour routine once again.
      Happy Exercising, Deepika 🙂


  2. hey niths…so what are you into.. yoga or gym..?

    between your friend “google” taught you a lot dear, like this “the tennis court measures 36 by 78 feet while the badminton court is smaller measuring 20 by 44 feet.”.. dont underestimate yourself my dear…

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    • I am definitely not the gym types, never have been and never will. Yoga, a little, no expert though. Being the quintessential Taurean, I love to be amidst nature so a walk in the park or a quick jog around it is what I love doing most.
      Well, Google is always a life saver 🙂

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  3. “Sport teaches you to play by the rules, to accept your defeat and move on after you have learnt from your mistakes and stay grounded as you enjoy basking in the glory of victory.

    Sport is a life teacher!” I loved this part. I’d never thought of it that way before. Once I had to attend yoga classes at 5.30 in the morning (during my induction at my present job) and it was torture. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to be done with it. I know that yoga is extremely beneficial and all that, but my entire body was screaming and paining in protest. It was only a matter of time before I gave up. I love sports too, as long as it’s from the comfort of my bed/sofa/anything comfy. As of now, my only exercise is walking to work and though I’d like my stomach to be more flat, I’m just not willing to put up with the body pain to make that happen. 😂
    An extremely, extremely lazy couch potato ♥️


  4. A perfect article to read before the start of a new season (spring!), I’m already at yoga class once a week but want to start lifting weights as well, I do a lot of walking but know I need to create more space in my days for exercise. I miss your writing and hope all is well across the world!


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