Shouldering Technology and the Slump



I know what you are doing right now.

Your shoulders are rounded and down, your back is curled and your head is bent forward at an angle (at about 60 degrees) that is exerting about 60 pounds of pressure on your cervical spine as you read this post on your smart screen.

Now that you are aware and have quickly corrected your posture, you can take a look around you. What is common in all of us – you, me, the glamorous, the cool, the sophisticated and the introvert?

We all slouch.

We, as a generation, have become every chiropractor’s dream.

In the days of yore, ‘Sit up. Stand straight’ was like a chorus that was repeated after every other sentence by our parents, teachers and even by the neighbor’s father-in-law, who was visiting. Practice (and warnings that bordered close to threats) made us perfect our posture.

It took a smart phone to ruin it.

Today, when we see someone slouching and radiant in the glow of their cell phones, we slouch over ours and text, ‘Whatsup. Who are you texting?’

While good posture helps neck and back pain while combating fatigue, it also gives you improved confidence, better memory, increased motivation, uplifts your mood and gives you the ability to rule the world.

Superman, Batman, Shakthimaan and even Wonder Woman are superheroes who stand tall in expansive postures and straight. I am not too sure that they can get away by slouching over their phone inbetween saving the world.

Now that you have corrected your posture and trying hard to maintain it, I can assure you that if this post does not uplift your mood and make you smile, then your posture will!

Good morning Friends, hope you all have a happy and a slouch-free Sunday


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  1. bang-on! you’ve touched upon an important aspect of modern life! technology is robbing us of our posture, which will swell up the wallets of the orthopedicans and spine surgeons of gen-next! even i’m the victim of the cellphone induced slouch and scoliotic spine, being warned my the female species of my family. as it is i have aa slight slouch, that my brother had to stand behind me on my wedding day and whisper ‘stand straight’! congrats and thanks for your eyeopening wtrtite-up; good job!!

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    • Haha! It sure is an advice that must have remained with you through the days of your married life – ‘stand straight’ which also came as a reminder from the women in your family. I too shout a warning to my son (a few decibels higher) so that the other adult in the home will get the reminder too, but Alas!
      Thank you, Doctor, so glad to hear your response on this. Good day!


  2. Wow Pranitha madam, the strong message is well presented with the flavors of subtle humor. One of my colleague who visited Japan recently said that almost everyone in the crowd isolated themselves lost in their non living sets in the posture described by you and were least bothered to see the world even for a glimpse. The posture issue is kicked in even for desktops or laptops given to the time we spend with them which pulls in the posture for comfort.

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    • Thank you so very much, Ravi! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed it. I have heard about Japan and saw it first hand in the Singapore metro too. I was shocked to see every one engrossed in their gadgets before them. Although people in the UAE are seen doing it too, but definitely not to that extent. So glad that there are ‘humans’ who are willing to talk and smile unlike the robots who are under the powerful grip of technology.


      • Yes i didnt notice the syndrome to that extent of the 6 days i had been in dubai atleast. I saw people relaxed and composed in their own lives and yes the surrounding does keep them busy away from this sets

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      • Other than the extreme heat, I have come to love this place. It is a glorified version of India all thanks to convenience and infrastructure. Living in a cultural melting pot with every nationality living in harmony is simply amazing.


  3. Hahaha! The worst part, I consciously continued to slouch over while reading this because I’m tired and it feels super comfy this way, on the other hand I’m trying to turn into those “stand straight” squad myself, reminding myself to have a straight back whenever possible but in a minute it’s all back to creepy posture 😦 Fund read this was as well as gave me some information about posture correctness. Have yourself a great week my dear friend. Take care♥️♥️😄😄

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    • Haha! Absolutely, TW. Like every reminder, this was one to myself too and a reminder to remind my son, screaming it out so that the other adult who is alternating between two screens that are competing to get his attention can hear it too 😉
      You too have a great day, TW. Nice pic, BTW!

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      • Believe me in many of my posts the reminders are directed towards me too! Did the other adult catch any of that?! Hahaha I sure hope he did😂 I get scolded so very often for using too much phone too, so Sid you aren’t alone, buddy 😭
        Thank you so much for the picture compliment, eeeh😊☺️♥️😆

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      • Haha! I am NOT telling that to Sid 😉 as that is the only way I can keep him on that guilt path to reminding him to straighten up 😉 The other adult is usually deaf specially when it comes to these remarks (eyes rolling high up my sockets )

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  4. Oh! I loved this post and came at such an apt time. My daughter just told me yesterday, that I look pregnant when I stand…😔. Luckily I cant afford to stand that way when I’m in heels. But perfect post😊. Wow!

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