Swimming against the tide of multitaskers



It takes a village to raise a child but only a pasta advertisement starring Roger Federer to get Sid to wonder if his Indian-pancake-craving taste buds are willing to try Barilla pasta.

During the T20 World Cup, the little Dhoni fan wondered if ceiling fans back home can operate with a remote after watching the Indian Captain’s ‘smart’ fan advert while Little Princess pointed to a sunscreen lotion at the supermarket that an IPL team promises was their secret to a blemish-free tan-free complexion even after sweating it out in the sun for hours at length on the field.

With the football fever gripping the world, luckily, the footballers are not multitasking and the focus is on the game.

Whether it is being Captain Cool who can endorse brands as well as lift the T20 World Cup or an age-defying Tennis star who can cook Barilla pasta between securing the No.1 spot yet again, from a supermom whose KPIs (key performance indicators) at work are as good as her perfectly run household to being able to toggle between Twitter, Instagram and FB in the company of real friends  – Multitasking is the word of the smart world.

But what if you think it is okay to take a break – even from what you believe is your passion – simply because there are tasks screaming for your attention and people who need you more.

And so I decided to take that break from what gives me inexplicable joy and wings to wander far.

While I retrace my footsteps that are longing to get back into the wonderful world of the written word, thank you my dear friends for leaving your feedback on the Thank you! post.

Happy Sunday!

A special thanks to my dear friend, Nithya, who took time to read at least a dozen old posts reminding me that ‘world of words’ is never far behind!


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    • Thank you, Ramya. It is a choice that we have to make and definitely not something that is impossible – like you rightly have pointed out that multitasking takes a toll and you need to make your choices.


  1. I refuse to go with the cartoon. Multi-tasking, something at which some are adept at CAN meet with success depending on what one is ‘multi-tasking’! some have it in them. others do not. Well, Kudos to those who have it in them!

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    • I am sure, MS Dhoni, Roger Federer and many more among us too would disagree with that cartoon but again it is a choice that you make. With the smart phone, even Little Princess can multitask! Like you have rightly pointed out, some of us can strike a balance while others choose not to as they believe they cannot.
      Thank you, Doctor.


  2. Aren’t we all multitasking in many ways though often people are reluctant to admit it ? The messiness in that picture is an extreme case, but it can happen even with single tasking if you are not in control of what you do. So I am always proud to say that I am a multi tasker…
    Between remote operating fans are there ketto…

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    • That’s wonderful, Akhi, that I know as you are super organized.
      I have come to believe that ‘monotasking’ is the one that people are reluctant to admit as ‘multitasking’ is what we all do and are expected to do. The picture is a classic example of having too much on your plate and that is exactly what happened to me and so I decided to pull the brakes on some.
      Oh yes, I heard that there are really remote operated fans, kind of came as a surprise to me.
      So good to catch you here.


    • Thank you, Radhika. Spot on! My thoughts exactly. The joy of enjoying the task is lost in the hurry to reach completion and start on the next, as if we were machines churning out perfect task after perfect task. As much as I missed this space, it feels wonderful to get back as I slowly catch up with all your stories.

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    • Haha! I agree, Megala, but it is not only women, even the children are expected to be all rounders (nothing short of multi tasking). When I visited Sid’s school for prize day, I was amazed at all that these little children have achieved even while doing great at their studies too! It is indeed the need of the hour, but it is okay to lag behind and enjoy a bit.

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  3. Welcome back, dear Pranitha. One of the talent required for a current generation mom is definitely -“multitasking”. Painstakingly, happily, angrily, smilingly are different avatars we take on while multitasking..I miss the good old days, when life was simple and stress free 🙂

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    • Thank you, Deepika. I am smiling as I read your comment. I can put down at least a dozen instances even without much thought. The good old days are the fairy tales that the multitasker moms would love to reminisce, but not once practice anymore. A bow to all those super women who take it at their stride.


    • Oh yes! I have been on a hamsters wheel, lately, one I enjoy though, but today this place has beckoned me back once again. I know I cannot stay away for long. Will get to your spaces soon. I have missed reading all of them.
      Thank you, QG


    • I so miss my space and my friends too! Same pinch with that, I too have stepped away to catch up with life that has suddenly put me on a hamsters wheel, but luckily one I enjoy too. But here I am back again as this space and world has beckoned me back.
      I hope all is well with you, Kim. And when you are ready, I will be thrilled to see your world through your words.

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      • I recently posted a piece called, “Summer’s Green Heart”…it’s a lovely feeling to find the inner spaciousness needed for writing once again! I’m glad you’re making your way back, too!

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      • Your words warm my heart…your beautiful comments add such grace to my pages…summer is slowly changing to autumn around these parts and the days are perfection once again, the perfect temperature for picnics and walks through the changing forest…welcome back, my friend!

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      • The weather reflects my mood and warms my heart too!
        Looking forward to reading about your picnics and autumn days in the thick of nature. I have heard that the changing colors of the leaves are a beauty to behold, a sight that I still remains in my memory of a week long stay in Switzerland.
        The temperatures have begun to dip here as we await the winter after the long, hot and humid summer months.
        Good day, Kim.

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