Smart phone, smart phone on a stick, who has the best profile pic?


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My daughter barely missed getting trampled on,

By a shopper and his cart, enticed under the spell of his phone, the real world forgone.

Pulling her from harm’s way, clucking my disapproval, shaking my head in despair,

This man adrift in his virtual world barely noticed, moving on without a care.

My little girl is fine, hale, hearty and enjoyed her time,

For she spent the evening fiddling with a new gadget on display – the Galaxy Note 9!


IPads, mobiles and other gizmos so sleek and fine,

Throw open the doors to the splendor of the virtual world ashine.

Wrecking quiet havoc to family’s routine, harmony and time,

Leaving the outdated ones marooned in the real world, offline.

Stealing the pleasure of leisure without FB, Twitter, Instagram or another digital shrine,

Reading a real book or making an actual conversation almost feels like a crime!


“Dinner is ready”, reads a message on Hangouts from mother to her son,

He snaps out of his digital dream and stays grounded to reality until dinner is done.

A Whatsapp forward, a joke, a wish sent to your partner on the run,

A conversation that keeps the pretence of a relationship alive, going and fun.

Emojis, emoticons, internet slang and bizarre abbreviation,

An internet lingo for every kind of communication!


Shopping lists, weather update, cricket scores or playing a country capital game,

A virtual assistant to your rescue – ‘ALEXA’ is her name.

A tweet, a picture, a status update or a ridiculous claim,

May thrust you into controversy or a spot of overnight fame.

Slouching over the basking glow every day and all night,

We, as a generation, are a chiropractor’s delight!


There will not be another Emil Rustige from this home of mine,

Protesting for lack of attention against parents who are on the phone all the time.

For I am the lone protester and the digital dieting mother,

Playing the screen referee to two children and their father.

Microwave the phone, grill the iPad and plug off the Wi-Fi I wish at my will,

But to get all that done I now need a helpful date with Google!download (2)

Good Morning Friends, 

I hope you enjoy this poem. Let me know what you think.

Have a wonderful  Sunday!






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  1. Really, it is annoying! A party isn’t complete without a few hundred selfies( with those snapchat filters turning you into dogs and cats which people somehow find cute) and hourly updates on facebook, not to mention the constant typing and sharing of messages while the host puts in all her efforts to engage the guests in a ‘real’ chat.

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    • Never tried my hand at poetry, Ravi. I have always believed that writing poems require a lot of thought and depth in words and expressions. This is the first format I am trying – the one with rhyming words. Thank you very much for the encouragement, Ravi, so glad you enjoyed it.:)


  2. Haha. Beautifully penned. But it is true. Myself included, I think our closest relationship is with our phones. 🤭 If God forbid the WiFi is down, we feel isolated! 😆 Sorry dear, I can’t survive digital dieting, but at least I don’t cause harm to others because of my unhealthy obssesion! As I always say, I just love how you weave your magic with words and make us laugh and time at the same time. And, that, my dear, is an achievement that few can attain. I loved “We as a generation are a chiropractor’s delight” and “microwave the phone, grill the iPad and plug off the WiFi” parts! 😆 Well written, my dear!

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    • Thanks and thanks again :))) I wish I could put a few hearts in here, just count them in anyway.
      I love my phone too for Google is a life saver when it comes to the bizzare questions that my son hurls my way. He would have thought that I was the dumbest Mommy if Google did not perpetually come to my rescue. I mean how can you answer something like, do you know the capital of Liechtensteain? Does it matter, I always think but then there is Google so we always have an answer.
      But overdoing technology worries me, specially because I have observed that the children get restless and agitated with constant use.

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      • True that. What would we do without Google. Google recently turned 20. I wonder how people lived without Google! 😂 Seems unthinkable now, doesn’t it? Too much of anything is not a good thing. Ath thanne aanu technologyum. They’re cut off from interacting with the environment around them. Phone kalikkaan koduthillenkil vashi pidich bahalam ondakunna generation aa

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      • Oh yes, my dear, too much is definitely not good. I lived without Google, even a telephone came when I was still at school (Really, I am not from the age of the dinosaurs, we just got our own telephone a little later than the rest of them;)) Now even I pretend like ‘Wi-fi supplies my quota of oxygen that keeps me alive. Really! Then I dunno how to blame my kids. As for ‘Vaashi’ enikyu start chaiyanda, I am struggling every day with either of my children.

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  3. I was recently on a small getaway and while waiting for the ferry to arrive, I noticed that almost all the passengers were poised over their devices, it was so refreshing to see some reading real books while I was jotting down my impressions in my trusty notebook! I agree wholeheartedly with your very clever poem!


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