Counting my Blessings and Sharing Some



On a recent day, a big plastic donation bag that had ‘Clothes for Compassion’ printed on it accompanied the day’s newspaper.

I embarked on the task of combing through the clothes that were put away.

Some were a delightful find as they tickled a long-lost memory, some were the privileged firsts and the others were a jab on my self esteem reminding me of the hopes that I harbored of fitting into them some day.

Suddenly, the sentiments attached to every piece of clothing superseded the need to warm a lesser fortunate person this winter.

A friend whom I visited recently had transformed her home into a museum dedicated to the many accolades and pieces of memory that celebrated her only daughter’s childhood – complete with the dates inscribed behind them.

Basking in the sun in her balcony was her daughter’s first potty chair with a tomato plant growing out of it.

It made me wonder if a harvest of tomatoes from the plant would relieve fond memories of the mornings that her daughter spent emptying her bowels on the sanitary throne.

So I politely took a rain check on her invitation to stay back for lunch.

As Mother considered her sole purpose on the Earth as cooking up delicacies for her family, decluttering was a hobby she picked up during our growing years when the many priced possessions that lay gathering dust exceeded the things that were actually in use.

Choosing a deserving owner from the maid, the watchman, the guy who exchanged a big bundle of clothes for a small steel vessel and the kabadiwala was a task she undertook during our absence.

Sharing is caring says Little Princess.

So, finding myself somewhere in between my friend and Mother, some precious memories and hopes have been (painstakingly) parted with, for these unused clothes will not only provide warmth to some less fortunate person this winter but may be a reason to light up someone’s face with a smile and create a beautiful memory once again!




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    • Good morning, Radhika. Such a pleasure to have you back. Your feedback is one I always look forward to. Hope all is well at your end.
      Thank you, Radhika. Yes! The satisfaction that I got when parting with some of my priced possessions was a bit disheartening initially but then when I think that there are a world of people who can put better use of it rather than it just remaining as a memento of a bit of beautiful past gives me a lot of satisfaction and happiness. Now I have made room to add some more memories.
      Good day, Radhika.

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  1. Pranitha, it’s very true. When I went to help my daughter to take care of her first new baby, my first granddaughter, I almost took the only maternity sweater I saved, to show her that I remember my pregnancy.
    Yes, sharing is like a stream of running water. Not sharing is like the dead sea! Very nice post!

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  2. Nice thought madam. I remembered the days as a kid when cousin elder brothers clothes were passed on to fit me and after their life finally completed on earth, they moved to the kitchen for utility. Back then new clothes entered into our lives only during festivals where they were first blessed at the foot of the Gods photo with vermilion on the collars and then finally blessing our body staying for atleast an year and beyond. We cud just count them. Now clothes just remain hardly for a quarter and let alone kabadiwalas even the big retail outlets wud exchange them happily knowing their age.

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    • Ravi you just triggered another childhood memory. Yes! We too passed on clothes and we did not mind fitting into our elder cousin’s clothes that he had grown out of. The idea of trying them on itself was such an excitement. And if in that rare event, during a festival or a marriage, we got a new dress, the new clothes were placed at the feet of God for blessings (a habit that has stuck to me to this day) and longivity, I suppose.
      We valued what we owned and respected them. Today, we are spoilt for choice and surely sharing goes as far as sharing a toy or so but definitely not out-grown clothes.
      Thank you so much, Ravi, for triggering those wonderful memories.
      BTW, yet to check your space. Will peep in there in just a bit.

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  3. It was a treat to read this post ❤❤ oh so wonderful, touching at some of my precious memories, dilemmas, and the feelings of joy that had come after sharing.
    I had been sharing time and again but the major stock like your mother left my wardrobe when I realised there wasn’t any space to put in the clothes I was actually wearing!!!! And I’m quite attached to my clothes as well, so I had to painfully part with them for the new ones.
    Do you know one time I had started crying because after a wash my new pair of white shorts had turned orange. I’m quite high on attachment lol.
    So I understand your friend’s perspective but even then I would take a mid route just like you!
    Also, definitely the wise thing to have taken a rain check on that lunch😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    • Haha! See I did the right thing. I spared myself some fond ‘morning’ memories.
      We all have this attachment to clothes, some more than others. There will be those firsts and then the gifts and then another one…the list goes on. Well, I still hold on to a dress that my mother bought from her little savings when I was in my 10th Class. Strangely, I still fit into it. And when I proudly announced it to the husband, he said that I must have been round and fat even then 😉 (a pessimistic approach to the same story)
      I can even understand your sentiments of clothes changing color after a wash and I am renowned for that task.
      And mothers are super great when it comes to cleaning up our old sentiments.:)
      Thank you, TW, for your lovely feedback. Have a lovely week, my dear.

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      • Thank you my lovely friend! This comment made me laugh and smile at the same time! Warmth is the first thing I get from you and your posts❤ and your hubby’s statement 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, tell him if that’s the case, then it’s even more commendable, that you’ve maintained your weight despite mommyship!
        Aww man how nice that you’ve still saved the dress. I have some of those things in my possession too, not going to part with them. Yes moms have a hard time decluttering, mine included 😂😂 Have a lovely day you too ❤😍 hugs!

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      • Thank you, TW. If warmth is what you get then it’s what you reciprocate too as I end up smiling reading them. I don’t fret with those love handles and puppy fat and all of it and really I am not the dieting freak too, just try to eat in time and eat healthy.
        Wishing you a lovely week ahead, TW😍😇😃


  4. Hey Pranitha!

    It surely is always a wonderful feeling to know that some of the things that brought smile to our faces at some point in our life shall now bring the same warmth to the faces of those who will receive them.

    I know the feeling to give as well as to receive from others. I have to say that some of the things I value most are those I’ve been told to have a special place in its owner’s heart 🙂

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  5. What a timely post! I’m in the middle of decluttering at the moment and so far, I’m amazed at what I’m finding in odd drawers or on forgotten shelves – we have a local store in a mall not far from our apartment run by senior volunteers, each item sold goes toward programs being offered (often for free!) at a senior’s centre, it feels good to find a home for those things I stumble upon! And yes, there are some objects that are too close to the heart to give away just yet…

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    • That is such a wonderful initiative. It must give you a lot of satisfaction to know that you will bring joy to another human life by putting better use to a little of what is sitting idle. Sharing some of it is a good start.
      Thank you, Kim. Happy decluttering 😉

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  6. You never fail to make me smile or even laugh a bit with your enjoyable writing style and the examples you pick (potty chair planter haha)!
    Your post is so relevant in real life. I am always deciding on these exact aspects when decluttering and I know I still can become better at it.

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  7. parting with stuff that has only archaic value is something as painful as parting with a loved one for some! It sometimes take a great deal of resolve and determination to ‘dispose’ off old stuff, as a lot of memories and emotions are tagged to them. Your mother wins(mothers always do!)

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  8. Yup.. a lot many memories while opening those storage bag of old clothes…. I always keep one sample before releasing the old clothes and keep those samples in my storage bag..not the bag has gained weight, time to switch to another…

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  9. Perhaps that tomato plant will prosper from the residual uh, fertilizer left behind in that potty chair. I’m all for saving a few little things here and there that have sentimental value, but wow. That one is beyond imagination. 😛

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  10. We need to give in that way help spread joy on faces of less fortunate. I have bundles of unused clothes and next time I come to India, I will give like I always do when visiting home. A post which helps spread awareness on sharing is caring, Pranitha.

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  11. Sharing is caring indeed. I’m guilty of hoarding too. But at times, we have to part with our once-prized possessions that has gifted so many wonderful memories, in the hope that they can continue to do that. There’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you’re the reason behind someone’s smile. Lol, that part about the tomato plant and potty had me laughing uncontrollably. So much that I nearly scared my flatmate!

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