To Err is Typo



The night before the day of dictation at school meant that we (my brother and I) had to learn the words by heart and father would test us with a mock dictation. He often taught us ‘techniques’ to better remember some tricky words in the English vocabulary that spelled differently from how it was pronounced.

‘Breathe’ and ‘Giraffe’ became ‘Breath-e’ and ‘Giraff-e’, ‘Principal’ became ‘Princi-pal’ while ‘Principle’ remained Principle. We soon learned to devise our own techniques as we went up the grade.

These techniques did not essentially get us to The Spelling Bee but at least helped get through our schooling without too many ‘spelling disasters.’

My previous post ( apparently had more humor than I intended it to have, as I had published the post with the word ‘wretched’ instead of ‘retched’. A dear friend, who often reads and leaves her feedback on all of my posts, was kind enough to inform me about my ‘typo’ blunder (Thank You!).

I was quick to make the correction, but I fretted for the rest of the day (and the next) moping over my ‘wretched’ oversight.

I remember reading an article in the Gulf News that said, “The idea that sometimes you will make mistakes is hard to swallow. But being comfortable with errors is crucial.”

So here I am, trying to get ‘comfortable’ with my blunder as I once again thank my dear friend for duly informing me so that I could make the timely correction. Thank you to all my virtual and real friends who have forgiven me for this one ‘wretched’ spelling error and for all the spelling horrors (hopefully none) that just might escape my scrutiny, for as the saying goes ‘To Err is Typo….oops…Human!’



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  1. To err is typo..Too good. These days we can hide behind the ‘typo shield’ and get away with a lot of spelling mistakes. You’ve written so beautifully well and as your blog name suggests, it’s a nice change to be ,’ imperfectly perfect’. I could so well relate to this and loved this one , pranitha.

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      • Yeah Pranitha, It’s good to take what ever you are doing, seriously. But as you said in your write up, to err is human…
        I would probably take it as an experience, and be perfect with my imperfections.
        What say?

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      • That is a great thought, Deepika! Thank you so very much. I have moped for two days and feel so much better now. I need to accept imperfections and take it in my stride. Yes, an experience that will help me be a little cautious!
        Blessed to have friends like you, I just feel so much better! Hugs 🙂


  2. It’s a wonderful quality to be able to so graciously accept an error on your part. Kudos to you on that dear P. At times, inspite of the number of reads I give to a post, some errors or typos do manage to escape my scrutiny. It does happen to all of us !!

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  3. Typo? My iPad is an expert on that! I type one word, it reflects a completely different one. At times it gives people different names too. I presume it is inflicted with a disease called autocorrect – which btw oftentimes more wrong rather than correct, unfortunately making me look ridiculous to my readers 😅 It should aptly be called ‘autowrong’ instead!
    Typos often appear when I try to reply to comments using my iPad instead of my laptop 😁
    Kidding aside, “To err is typo” is such an ingenious quote! Given the significant number of those who suffer from it, lol

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  4. Such a lovely post, i can totally understand how you felt… Have been through that too, fretted over some mistake i made while writing/speaking. It is much later that i realised that there are many around us who do not judge us by these silly mistakes, but accept us however we are. Its we who always find it hard to accept that WE have made a MISTAKE! Literally, fretting over nothing, isn’t it !!


  5. Wonderful post. I feel awful when I post on any of my social media or blog. Before I have a chance to correct it, most times it has already been read by followers. It’s embarrassing but after reading the quote and to err is typo 😀 I feel much better now. Thank you for your transparency.


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