The Parenting Rollercoaster



The joys of parenting come beautifully wrapped in some very socially awkward moments, the memories of which render you rolling with laughter in hindsight, but have the misfortune of leaving you red with embarrassment at the time of its occurrence, when suddenly every adult human around you is striving to appear normal- their eyes betraying their intentions as they force shift their focus, suppressing that smile (or laugh) for later.

When Little Princess was a little more than a year old (more precisely when she discovered her passion for exploring the world), I was standing at the supermarket counter, balancing a happy toddler on one hand while pushing a trolley full of purchases on the other.

While my attention was focused on racking my brain for a reasonable explanation to Sid’s bizarre questions, Little Princess’s eyes fancied the string (on the behind of the dress) of the lady who stood before us. She tugged at it and it came undone. Luckily for the unfortunate lady (and me), the dress stood its place and she was quick to tie it back while cutting my apologies with her cold glare intent on my perplexed red face.

Over the years, embarrassing moments have been reduced to Little Princess screwing her little face, showing her disapproval with a loud ‘YUCK’ when the waiter brings in our much-awaited dinner at a crowded restaurant, causing people sitting around us to peer at our choice of food when we are not looking; or screaming out ‘Mommy, there is Princess Elsa’ when she spots that one woman wearing a long dress in a mall full of weekend shoppers; or retching and throwing up in an elevator full of people, followed by a sweet apology, “I am Sorry.”

Well, no one said parenting was easy!


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  1. Hahaha, this is a fun read! Kids do really put us right on the spot sometimes, and still no known ways of preempting the ‘mishaps’! All our consolation [and excuse] are their cuteness.Take that and we’re doomed, hahaha.
    BTW: I’ve nominated your blog for The Lovely Blog Award 🙂 If you haven’t yet received such award and should you choose to accept, please check out:
    Have a good day Pranitha! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Radhika. So glad you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it, just that I must confess, I did not enjoy the time when I was put ‘on the spot’. Yes, Radhika, the experiences that I am having with my daughter is entirely different from my son, who was and still is very sweet and quiet, but I am coming to love the thrill of being on my toes, always!

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  3. Oh, those parenting moments! It truly wouldn’t be a parenting adventure without a few of those. However, the ones that can be laughed at later are better than ones that seem to retain the horror. The good news is that anyone who spends time with children are familiar with these moments and that can help take the sting out a bit when one parent shares with you a brief nod or catch of the eye that says all to clearly been there. Loved your post, thanks for sharing.

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