Recycling Slogans for a Greener Planet



Little Princess took a cutout of the Honorable Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, embracing the French President in a bear hug at their meeting in Paris where they together put a common front on the need to fight for climate change, for her ‘news clip of the day’ at school.

The rest of the evening was spent repeating the words, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, we need to save our Earth.”

What was left unsaid was that as Mr. Modi vowed to protect the environment just as Mr. Trump dumped the Paris Climate Pact while the self-assured new diplomat from France – Macron – had gone a step ahead and recycled Mr. Trump’s slogan –  ‘Make our planet great again’.

As we leave the future of dear Earth in the hands of our political leaders hoping it gets a much-deserved new lease of life and a breath of fresh air –  are we doing our tiny bit to sustain our home – for us, our future and our children?

Little Princess and her class decided to celebrate Environment Day with puppets made from recycled material. I wondered what could be ‘effectively’ recycled – the cozy couch that was the husband’s favorite seat, the television or could it be Sid’s cricket bat?

We settled for Sid’s old socks, old newspaper, lots of old buttons and yarn. Even my cousin (God bless her) did her bit and recycled her daughter’s doll’s dress (without her daughter’s knowledge of course) for me.

The puppet which was carried to school with much zeal has not yet returned and the news clip continues to make its trip to school and back untouched.

But when I left an empty can of milk by the kitchen counter, Little Princess picked it up and dumped it in the little bin that holds old plastic and cans that will soon be dropped at the nearest recycling center and she jumped up and down saying, “Prime Minister Modi says we need to save our Earth.”

Okay, I have done my bit!


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  1. You must have had fun making the puppet with your little princess. You should have posted the pic of the same Pranitha.
    The awareness of keeping the planet green should be inculcated in children from a young age. I am glad that schools too are taking it up. We all need to do our bit to save our Earth.

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    • I did, Radhika. Her joy on seeing the completed puppet was out of this world. The puppet has not appeared or I would have put a picture for sure.
      Children, even at her age, must be well aware of their little duties to keep their home safe for their future.

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  2. Oh yes, I was eager to see the puppet as well… hope it makes its way back:) Yet another well written article Pranitha, so much fun to read! And you’ve definitely done your bit… brought a smile to my face as I read the last part! You must be one happy mama❤️❤️

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  3. That must have been fun. Glad to know that the little princess is aware​of the need to protect our environment. If everyone thought along these lines, then maybe we’ll able to save it before it’s too late.

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  4. It’s heartening to see your daughter’s dedication towards conserving the nature Pranitha. Must say, I’m astonished at the sheer intelligence that sometimes I get to witness from children of today’s generation 🙂

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  5. I too would love to see a picture of the puppet when it makes its way home! So glad to read that little ones are learning to care for the environment and our only home! The above image strikes a chord and is a great reminder for us all. Thank you (again!) for such a lovely post!

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  6. You have done your bit Pranitha by instilling it in little Princess. Good job.👌😊. The sad part is while schools talk about it year after year, its more a sort of a project rather than something that’s meant to be part of the child as natural as eating or sleeping. As parents, that bit is left up to us, I guess.


    • Even ‘recycling’ ‘reusing’ starts at home, Smitha, like many things else. We need to take the initiative and the children will follow by example. You are right that the projects are forced and part of the academics that gets left behind in school. Considering that little children take their teaches seriously, I should raise this point in the next open house.
      Thank you, Smitha.


  7. save earth as it is only planet where life exists and if this is being polluted and people are not taking care of it then the nature will surely give a big punishment

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