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Change Begins at Home and it Begins Now



When I enjoy writing quirky pieces of humor then why are my thoughts and words directed to a well of seriousness?

Is it because they involve a blood-curdling, stomach churning atrocity on an innocent eight-year-old and now an eight-month-old girl child?

Is it because it took a #nirbhaya, #kathua, #unnao and so many others that went unreported for lawmakers to be forced into taking more stringent legal provisions against these hideous crime?

Is it because I enjoyed a carefree childhood surrounded by adults who only saw a little girl at play and absolutely nothing more?

Is it because? Never mind.

While we raise our voices against the din of injustice, are we doing enough to bring a change in our own homes?

What about those men who deem it their right to a place on the table first with a piping hot meal served to them with all the women in close attendance to wait on them while even the pregnant woman gets her turn only after the men have had the lion’s share?

Or that parent-doting son who sucks up every iota of his parent’s attention and love simply because he becomes the rightful heir to the Patriarchal throne while the daughters are a mere responsibility who have to be safely married off.

Or the daughter-in-law who silently bears the brunt of becoming the inevitable punching bag of the men and even the other women in the family for every misfortune that has occurred since her arrival into her husband’s household.

If we do not stand up against these barbaric acts against women and the girl child now, we are not human enough.

Change begins at home and it begins now.