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Are you de-emotional?



The King of Bollywood, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, recently added a new word to the English dictionary – ‘de-emotional’.

Whether it impressing Yale with his ‘Be a Funambulist’ speech or his quirky humor and charisma at interviews and shows, Mr. Khan has always impressed his audience (and fans) even when they are not watching his movies!

As for being de-emotional, it is the state of being detached emotionally.

Would not the world be a healthier, happier place if your biggest competitor is YOU?

Depression rates would sink faster than the Titanic if we focused on the goal of being better individuals, working smarter and making our today more productive and worthwhile than yesterday.

We learn, unlearn and relearn from our experiences and people around us but have our blinkers in place and run our own races.

Tell me what you think.

Have a wonderfully de-emotional week!