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Are you de-emotional?



The King of Bollywood, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, recently added a new word to the English dictionary – ‘de-emotional’.

Whether it impressing Yale with his ‘Be a Funambulist’ speech or his quirky humor and charisma at interviews and shows, Mr. Khan has always impressed his audience (and fans) even when they are not watching his movies!

As for being de-emotional, it is the state of being detached emotionally.

Would not the world be a healthier, happier place if your biggest competitor is YOU?

Depression rates would sink faster than the Titanic if we focused on the goal of being better individuals, working smarter and making our today more productive and worthwhile than yesterday.

We learn, unlearn and relearn from our experiences and people around us but have our blinkers in place and run our own races.

Tell me what you think.

Have a wonderfully de-emotional week!

Age is just a number….



If you discount the fact that dressing up essentially includes you having to thrust your face onto the mirror for a careful scrutiny if new ‘worry’ lines that have added to the existing ones, on a face that prided spotless beauty not too long ago; and this close scrutiny leading to the painful discovery of your receding hairline that has receded, may be a wee bit further, since the last time you checked (that was just the previous day!).

Or the possibility that an impromptu game of football with your son and his friends (as you played the super-cool-fit dad) caused you to slow down considerably for the next few days so that your family (your son in particular) and colleagues did not notice that little limp that was a result of strained muscles and joints.

Or that last bit of left-over dinner that you so gladly polished off on the pretext of setting an example of  not ‘wasting’ food or that extra piece of chocolate cake that had unintentionally ended up in your mouth just to soothe another mood swing end up as love handles, bulges all about you a little to0 faster than you expected.

Or that your constant ‘forgetful’ episodes have actually got you Googling for ‘Alzheimer’s’.

Well, the good news is that we all, yes every one of us, are going to see this day and no ‘magical’ elixir will come to our rescue.

Today, if it is me, tomorrow it will be you.

But, we could magic out some ‘laugh’ lines in place of ‘worry’ lines; ditch that meaningless soap on television for a 30-minute walk – it not only helps you get fitter but is a sure shot help to uplift your mood. Enjoy a hobby – even if it is gossip mongering! Stay fit, eat healthy, and keep a tab on your weights for as a fellow blogger rightly said – ‘your posterior is not going to look great in a hospital gown.’

Age is just a number….so age gracefully!!!


PS. I decided to write this post after I spent my morning with my 61-year-old friend, who is not only young at heart but can still look elegant in an evening gown. A retired English teacher, she enjoys traveling when she is not spending her time with her children, grandchildren and old students.

Dare to Dream




Perched on the edge of my little nest,

I dare a peek into the world below.

I obliterate the words of caution and discouragement that echo,

drawing inspiration and confidence from my better half,

I venture into the unknown, to chase my dreams.


I dream of soaring with eagles above the clouds,

running with the gazelles so free.

I dream of diving with the dolphins into the heart of the ocean so blue,

buzzing carelessly about fragrant blossoms, drinking life to the very lees.


I dream of basking in every sunrise and sunset,

sometimes from a hilltop, sometimes from behind trees.

I dream of rushing with the gurgling river,

to discover little secrets that the waves conceal.


Not bound by life’s constants,

I wish to be alive, in love and create memories,

to enjoy the joys of innocence and the bliss of solitude,

be touched by the grace of the Creator,

As I chase my dreams across the horizon.

  • Pranitha Menon