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The Other Valentine




My heart brimmed with love as I peeked into the case again,

A stunning pair of hearts set in diamonds twinkled back from its bed of velvet.

Would a sumptuous spread set in the glow of candle lights be my gift to him?

Or would it be a book, a pen, a designer watch or another surprise from the art gallery?

I stay lost in thought, the case in hand, as my mind meandered to his other Valentine.


She Is not so graceful, not so prim, not dressed in a red velvet dress or a necklace so fine,

Yet she is sure to have a heart full of love.

I will have to let him go for today as it is the best gift I can, in him, bestow,

For her beautiful smile and warm hugs will melt his heart and keep his face aglow.


She dressed in her best and was ready way ahead of time,

The aroma of fried lentils and spices scented the air and saffron tea was set to brew.

She checked and re-checked if all was in order, but her frenzied mind was still in a stew,

Until, at last, the bells chimed – announcing the arrival of her lovely Valentine.


She drank into his handsome features as he drank into hers,

Strong arms enveloped her in a warm embrace as her heart quivered in the warmth of his love.

Together, they spent a rare evening so beautiful – it felt like a dream,

As they smiled, laughed, talked and enjoyed every minute in one another’s company.


When it was time to bid adieu, he took her frail hands in his and looked deep into her tired eyes,

They sat wordlessly until, at last, they brimmed with love.

And then, at last, he said the words,

“Oh, Mother! I am twice blessed for I have not one, but two precious Valentines.”