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Inspiration Untangled



My thick, black hair is one of the many features that I have inherited from my paternal grandmother, one I always took for granted…. until recently.

Yesterday, as I spoke to a dear friend about having noticed my hair beginning to fall out more in the bath, when I brushed or even when I ran my fingers through them, I recollected a particular incident that had occurred in the recent past.

As I had stood brushing my hair one evening, I took notice of precious stands falling off around me and some tangled onto the bristles of my hairbrush too.

I worried and absentmindedly expressed my fear aloud, “At this rate, I will soon be bald.”

“Then you must collect them,” came Sid’s quick reply.

“Do you know that the seniors in my school cut off their hair and gladly donated it to cancer-afflicted children who could do with a wig. You could also collect the strands that have fallen off and it will come in handy when you are bald.”

My son was having a light-bulb moment but why was I feeling hurt!

“At least it will be your own hair,” he said matter-of-factly.

“That is a great idea,” I mumbled.

“Maybe I could collect them and donate it to help cancer-afflicted children,”   I added as an afterthought, hoping to impress him.

“What will you do when you go bald then?” he asked in all innocence.

I looked down at the strands of precious hair and wondered if my son did have a point; but with a conviction that my insides failed to mirror, I said, “I won’t, my dear.”

When all else fails, inspiration takes over.

Nothing lasts forever –  not 500 and 1000 Rupee notes, not the shocking surprise of the poll results of the USA Election 2016 (Mr. Trump being lately branded as the catalyst of ‘change’), not even genetically- acquired thick, black tresses!

It is about time I untangled myself from my ‘hairy’ woes and take the inspiration (and my son’s advice!).

Quoting Sudha Murthy from her book, House of Cards – everything that exists must perish.

So enjoy every moment of dear life while it lasts, take nothing for granted!

Good Morning!