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Forever and Some More



Lost in the crowd in the midst of nowhere,

She was just another girl finding her feet on the ground.

No expectations, no aspirations, no dreams and no hopes she harbored,

Save a bleak future behind the fog of fear and doubt.


He came like a tempest infuriating the dark waters,

Raising pandemonium that drowned her mere existence.

He lent a hand that she reluctantly accepted,

Tenderness in the brown depths of his mysterious eyes, in her heart, reflected.

This is not love, for sure, don’t hurry,

For love at first sight, is for the foolhardy.


But cupid’s spell had done the trick and her heart and mind were out of sync,

As in the eye of the fierce storm, lay hidden a mysterious merry soul.

He was passion, she was joy; he was fire, she was the flame,

Not fit as a puzzle but capable of love and a life game.


Slowly and steadily they did tread,

Each holding the other for life’s twists and turns ahead.

They cried, they laughed and sang in glee,

Sharing sunshine and storms merrily.


A decade and some more, it is time to say, they fit like a puzzle – anyway.

They stay drowned in the tides of love and respect for one another,

Until the Gods wish upon them a companionship that lasts forever and some more.