The Bumpy Road to Happily Ever After


A Wedding Day Promise.

Research has it that marriage may test one’s sanity, but living into old age with a partner also lowers the risk of dementia.

Since the institution of marriage does not come with a handy instruction booklet, after the hazy cloud of blind love faded into reality, we realised that ‘happily-ever-after’ included smoke alarms that cheered on my cooking expeditions, gifts that were meant to surprise became shocks due to misunderstandings of tastes and choices, weird habits that our rose-tinted vision had refused to take note of and normal conversations that snowballed into disagreements and very soon grew into full-blown arguments.

But the bumpy, sometimes steep and otherwise uphill road that we encountered helped strengthen our bond as did my culinary expeditions that strengthened the husband’s digestive system.

When I chanced upon a folded piece of paper that contained a hastily scribbled recipe of a dish that had once — by some strange stroke of luck — turned out as expected without any incidence of accidental burning or charring or meeting friendly neighbours after the smoke alarm raised pandemonium, I decided to surprise my family by pushing my luck yet again.

Luck was once again on my side as the dish turned out to be perfect in taste and appearance. I could almost hear the fanfare music as I placed the garnished masterpiece.

Unfortunately, the music was only audible to my ears as the husband failed to notice amid discussing worldly matters. Sid intently listened to his father’s words as he mindlessly chewed more than the recommended 32 times and forcefully swallowed them when he wished to throw in a question or two about the topic under discussion.

Little Princess was the only one who noticed and screamed her disapproval.

Half way through the meal and between the orations of worldly affairs, the husband took note of the screaming silence emanating from my side of the table and was quick to understand that something was amiss. He looked about for cues from the curtain to my hair. Since it was obvious that I was bound to show no interest in playing a game of 20 questions or throw in clues, he settled for something safer and went on to throw a few compliments about everything except the dish that had been painstakingly cooked and served with love.

Considering that this was an incident that took place more than a year back and that its details are vivid in my mind’s eye to be revived over the table every time I make the lucky dish that had once gone unnoticed, the husband is absolutely sure that living into old age with his partner is definitely going to keep dementia at bay.

He explains that the trick is in dividing the task between the two of us.

I could fill up every brain cell with important events (like the one mentioned above) that have taken place since the first time we met to be brought up as and when the occasion (read argument) demands, while he will keep track of the state of our finances and other less important factors of our life.

As of now, he only worries about keeping his sanity.


The above is an extract from an article published in the Gulf News. For the entire write-up you can check here.

Wishing all of you a very happy and relaxed Sunday.



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  1. Hey my dear friend 😁 Good Morning, how’s your Sunday going so far?!
    😂😂😂😂 Okay, so I’ll make some people read this post off the virtual world, if that’s fine? It’s genius. I have actually been observing bachelor life, and those of couples and married couples, and wow, it’s a struggle! To sum it up, umm, What’s with men?! They can write a discourse on mind boggling details of latest technology, remember scores of football games from medieval times, solve complex situations in life but they’re so hopelessly clueless when it comes to their partners, completely forgetting even the basics sometimes! And women, oh man, I think saying what we feel like sometimes would be a lot less taxing than the guessing game. I swear, everywhere I’m going I only see one thing, men deriving possible reasons of “what they did wrong?” It’s now a rocket science baba or probably if it was, they’d figure that out! 😂😂😂😂
    Anyway, yeah I got a little carried away but that’s what happens when you observe a lot. The article was both funny and screaming reality in every line but there’s a bright side and not just preventing dementia I think, despite this entire struggle, life does make you realise at some point that your spouse may not be ideal but you’re indeed everything to them. Phew, this has to be the longest comment I made!
    Sorry, happy Sunday and hey little princess’ applause was all you needed, kids are honest after all!

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  2. After many years of being together one learns a kind of shorthand when communicating, it often involves a form of sign language which surely must create new synapses in the brain as one tries to figure this new form of communication out!

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  3. by the way, I found the cartoon a bit too tilted in favor of ‘the wife’. yes, I agree, the tips for success for ‘a life ever after does not come printed in the form of Dos ans Do Nots in a handbook. To me, it requires all the stealth required of a batsman facing up to Shane Warne in his heydays on a doctored pitch-play each delivery with head down and a straight bat, for you knoweth not which way the next ball might turn!

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    • Haha! Doctor, that was hilarious and I know for sure that the husband would take your side and agree that his experience up until now has not been any better either. I am also glad you noticed that the cartoon was in favor of the wife, just like it is after the woman in a relationship acquires the status of a wife and the man loses his bachelor status.:)


    • Hi, Radhika. So glad to have brought a smile on your face. Their ability to fail to notice that one thing that you are waiting for them to take note of without you actually spelling it out is one I cannot seem to understand too. I am still on the road of trying to get used to, Radhika. 😉

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  4. How true, Pranitha!
    Not only a dish, many things go unnoticed and we learn to live with that… a new arrangement of collectibles, furniture and alas, a favourite new dress! The last one is so depressing…what say 🙂

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  5. What a lovely post!! Your writing style is so beautiful and light hearted. I absolutely agree with you on everything a marriage is – a good balance between who keeps track of the emotional account and the financial account 🙂

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  6. Enjoyed reading the article Pranitha. Marriage does keep dementia away. Especially for us women who are able to bring out the laundry list of evils done to us from inception of the relation till date :). Husbands on the other hand remain in an empty space of bliss further irking us. We help them remain alert at all times.


  7. Oh my God, Nitha. I can’t stop laughing. 😂 And come on, you can’t be that bad of a cook. But I know how it feels, when you manage to cook a perfect dish after multiple failures. You just feel so proud of yourself. I hope for my sake and other’s sake that the guy who I will marry turns up to a great cook. 😂 Allenkil divassavum smoke alarmnu pani aakum. And coming back to your post, your hubby should be thankful that you’re saving him from dementia. 😉


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