Drawing the Curtain on 2017



From the introduction of the iPhone X to Sid calling out to ‘Siri’ more than his mother,

From the discovery of the largest batch of Earth-sized planets to the wonderful editor at Gulf News finding my work worthy of publication,

From the first robot ‘citizen’ Sophia to Little Princess taking her creativity from the walls to the paper,

From the #MeToo movement to the honor of being invited and interviewed by a popular anchor from a regional channel……

2017 has been a year that brought joy, hope and new friends. As for the other side of the same coin, I choose to look at those experiences as speed breakers that helped me slow down, reflect and learn.

Thank you my dear friends and virtual friends from the WordPress family for all the support, suggestions and taking time to read my work and leaving your feedback.

As we move the many moments of 2017 into the tomes of history, here is wishing you and your family better health, more smiles, progress, joy and a lot of optimism this New Year.

How was 2017 for you? Would love to hear about your memorable moments of the year.


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  1. Omg how did I miss the interview? I’m sure I’ve missed a post on that. Congratulations my dear friend, Eeh so happy for you❤❤ and might I say how creatively it actually brushed up interesting happenings of 2017, you’re brilliant, friend😄😄 And your Little Princess makes me think of a Disney princess, aww, must be fun to just see her do her things❤❤
    Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year too.

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    • Hey, TW! I simply love to catch you here. Your feedback is so much fun to read. The interview was for a Malayalam channel that was aired in the UAE and has a link in my FB page. Thank you, my dear friend for all your happiness. Means so much to me.(a big heart here). Little Princess really thinks she has stepped out of a Disney’s Wonderland and is doing us a favor by producing art work after art work but yes, it is fun. Kids are so much fun and they really have so much to teach us too, but if and only if you choose to learn and have the patience to. 😉
      Thank you so much for your wishes, my dear friend (another heart here). Wishing you and your lovely family too a very happy New Year, Vageesha. 🙂 Sending in prayers and lots of love for a beautiful year with more positivity, hope and happiness.
      Good day, my dear.

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  2. A very happy new year Pranitha Ma’am. Nicely written. I too came across bixby in samsung (like siri) last week and was amazed by the technology. The phone has turned robot, hope it does not invade the space of friends, teacher and elders as its company is quite inducing.

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    • Thank you, Ravi. This is news to me as I gave up android a few years ago and took to the i alternative. I agree with you that its company can become very inducing as I see my son finds Siri more resourceful than his mother. You are right about phones becoming robots as they practically do everything for us – from making calls to being our time keepers to so much more. Wonder what 2018 has on the technological front,
      Wishing you a very happy and glorious New Year, Ravi. Will go peek into your space very soon. I know I have missed quiet a lot.

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  3. Hahaha! Believe me, it’s actually amazing to have you here♥️ and also I laugh a bit but it’s endearing every time you write another heart emoji😁♥️
    Oh I’m not active on FB. Can I see it on YouTube? Hahahaha, Oh it would be so much fun to meet your little princess someday. The part about doing us a favour, hahahah 😂😂 yes I agree we can learn provided we should be willing and patient. Also energy especially when they say “let’s plaaaaay now,” every five minutes with puppy dog eyes!
    Have a really nice year to you and your family my dear friend. Take care😃


  4. Actually it’s so nice when we look back and write down those memorable events in life…and then we ourselves keeps wondering on the little little achievements , “I have something in my done list”…

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