Bottled Luxury


Drinking water: Mountain Spring / Sparkle Creek / Garden Hose.

My maternal ancestral home stood on the fringes of a paddy field. The well in the backyard was the main source of water for the household.  Bountiful rain ensured a good supply of mineral-rich ground water that filtered through multiple layers of sand before it seeped onto the well’s surface. Grandmother’s kitchen was lined with pots of well water for consumption through the day.

Being the filter-water generation of kids, my cousins and I cringed when our eyes caught a stray leaf or specks of dead red ants in our glasses of water during our stay at our grandparents home.

The friendly old lady in the neighborhood once explained that the secret of her unfailing sight at the age of 70 were the ants that enriched her drinking water. When she lived to be a 101, we wondered if the frogs, roaches and rats that co-existed with her in her home were the untold secrets of her healthy existence.

Today, bottled water, like everything else on the grocery shelf, ranges from regular treated water that can just quench your thirst to the exotic designer brands that can elevate your social status.

Like the oxygenated water that claims to improve athletic performance and the rich burp that follows a good gulp is the value-added bonus.

If you wish to taste the freshness of the Arctic with your exotic dinner, there is the 150000-year-old melted iceberg water, bottled complete with the taste of snow. After all, depleting a few tonnes of iceberg is not much in the grand scheme of things.

If you are the doting spouse who forgot to pick up the diamond ring on your way to the celebratory birthday dinner, there is the Swarovski-studded bottled water that can give your partner glittering company and quench your parched throat until the ring makes an appearance.

If excess money is burning a hole in your pocket and luxury is on your mind, then an elegant mix of spring water from Fiji and France along with glacier water from Iceland laced with 5mg of 23-karat gold dust will be your perfect accompaniment to a lavish spread. Fanfare music will be the only thing missing when your taste buds are brought to life in the delight of its crisp, filling taste.

But if it is just thirst that you want to quench, then try the extensive range of treated water that comes in shapely plastic bottles available at your favorite supermarket!




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  1. Water can also be sold as a luxury. I can only marvel at the genius brains of marketers. How a commodity like water could be transformed into a luxurious brand. Playing with human psychology, that’s what we do and humans are not sane.

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  2. Haha! You speak the truth Pranitha…Flawless narration, brilliant read:) I’ve seen the glacier water bottles in the grocery & I’ll confess, I have been a tad curious( thankfully haven’t given into it though). Water bottle art is on the rise as well and while I appreciate the art, not so much the prices! Didn’t know about Swarovski studded ones!

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    • Thank you for your kind words, Divya. Such a delight to catch you here this morning.
      Some people need Sworovski-studded water bottles to quench their thirst while there is another lot of humans who feverishly hope to get their ration of clean water. But who said the world was fair?
      Well there is the third very thirsty lot… who are waiting to quench their thirst with Water from Mars!
      Let me know how glacier water tastes just in case you give in to your curiosity, I heard that it tastes just like ‘water’.😂
      Wishing you a very happy Sunday, Divya.

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  3. Wooooow! Such a brilliant writing. I was aware of the glacier kind but laced with Gold! Man is there disparity in income distribution? So majorly😭
    I so loved your description of backyard well and methods rain water conservation. Somehow the whole scenario alongwith your humour took me to Malgudi Days❤

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  4. You have such brilliant and humorous way of writing …agree with you and also entertained 🙂 The description of your grandma’s water source, etc. had a peaceful energy to it that definitely changed while reading about the various kinds of bottled water.

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  5. I belong to the bottled water generation and could totally relate to going to grandma’s house and finding potted water with leaves and ants. Coincidentally was discussing this last evening on my grandma’s birthday that she probably made it through because this is the only water she’s had. God knows all that’s mixed in a bottle of water but sadly we have no other choice but to drink it to quench our thirst. Very well-written!

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  6. Water can be such a luxury and one wonder on the quality of water that the poor consumes, infested with pollution and dirt. We have a luxury. I drink only bottled water and not very fond of tap water but more a question of habit. It’s something that I don’t want to compromise on. But, agree grandmother’s recipe is the best and healthier be it homemade butter or food unlike today where everything is artificial and a detriment to good health.

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    • Yes, if there is one human who is difficult to please even with ‘water’ there is another dying for a single glass of clean drinking water. Now none of us are left with much of choice, for tap water is not safe for consumption, at least not directly for sure.
      Thank you, Vishal. So glad you agree too!


  7. I marvel at how well you address the issues we come across with such flawless words flowing from your pen. Kudos dear Pranitha to you on that.
    In fact some time back we had seen an advertisement in the news paper about the same and had a good laugh as to what extent people go about to make money!


  8. Good Sunday Pranitha Mam. Ur post rekindled memories of our well. Right from the time it was born it always gave us clean water filles to the brim of the first ring in rainy sesons. but the crowded growing city left it polluted and we had to bury it deep down. The only water that we drank from the bottles were gold spot and thums up back then. I seldom remember seeing a sale of water bottle in shops bak then. Basic necessities of life are at stake these days. We dont get to eat a healthy food regularly these days. Immunity levels no doubt have gone down making People so delicate and prone to illness.

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    • I am so glad that the post rekindled fond memories, Ravi. You did too, now with the gold spot and thumbs up, just tasting them were like a dream come true and yes, and there was so much care then that the used bottles were recycled too! Sorry about the well being buried deep though.
      The quality of life that is said to have gotten better a few hundred fold is nothing but the conveniences and amenities that are being spoken about. Quality of food and water has definitely suffered. Even gold-laced water cannot be anywhere near the pure mineral-rich well water. Good day to you, Ravi.

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  9. So true. Sometimes I just pick up the bottled luxury items and find myself opening gawking at the outrageous prices! And I always find myself thinking about how people are coming up with more and more ways to destroy the environment. But apparently, there are many ways to spend money if you’re rolling in it. I didn’t know about the Swarovski studded bottles or about the 150000-year-old glacier one but it’s not hard to believe either. There seems to be so much R&D going on in the field of ridiculous luxury! Well written, my dear.

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  10. I seriously wonder how people are willing to pay for something that’s more an indulgence rather than a necessity when a majority of the population have no access to even marginally clean water.

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    • Sounds bizarre but there are the difficult to please who demand their birth right to 50000-year-old spring water from the glaziers in the North pole to quench their thirst, while a bigger minority hopes to get just a glass of clean tap water.


  11. Oh, wow pranitha. You have a way with those beautifully written words. The cool well water, and in our childhood days the matka , to water filters with candles to RO water purifiers…Water has come a long way…The bottled water business is sure thriving to the whims and fancies of its users. These days, you just need an idea and a concept to sell and make it big 😁

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    • Absolutely, Deepika. I wonder what well water will be called by these ‘smart’ innovators, may be mineral rich water from the bottom of the Earth. Not surprising no? The thought of that cool refreshing matka water is in itself so divine.
      Thank you, Deepika.

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