Is Boring the New Cool?


'I need to reset his internal clock...does anyone have the correct time?'

My friends and family will readily agree that I fall into the category of humans who can be fittingly termed as ‘boring’, and I only have my upbringing to blame.

Father had been the embodiment of rules, discipline and regulation, and age has only reaffirmed his conviction that respecting your body is directly proportional to leading a boring, disciplined lifestyle that involves doing the same activities at the same time, every single day of your life.

As children, we woke up, ate our home-cooked meals, played outdoor games, studied, watched the news (and smiled when Doordarshan aired the movie that had been released more than a decade ago) and slept at the same time every day.

Studies have shown that it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit.

So obviously the pattern that I have followed all my childhood has become all that I am – systematic and boring.

When Sid suggests Pizza, a batch of soft, fluffy rice cakes are ready.

When the husband suggests a late-night movie, I am already dozing.

If the majority in the household won (which usually is the case) and food has been ordered, I am left hyperventilating two minutes after the time promised has elapsed.

And during a pleasant weekend morning when the sleep-deprived majority is lost in the lap of dreams, I am enjoying the rare privilege of a walk in the park with my sleepy son tagging behind me, wondering what was the big deal about the ‘nature walk’ that he was promised.

When the organization that I previously worked for lured its employees into an option of night shift with a hefty allowance, I opted out as going against the pattern of clockwork that governed my life was against my life principles and I stuck to the constant of day shift.

My friends who made the shift spent the weekends sleeping, the week days in a haze and used up their hefty bank balances at designer boutiques that sold trendy plus-sized dresses and beauty salons that promised to replenish their lifeless skin with fragrant chemical combinations.

When the world applauded after the discovery of the microscopic biological machinery that controls the circadian rhythm or our internal body clock won the Nobel for Physiology or Medicine, I was thrilled that even at a time when the three scientists – Jeffery Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young – were progressing with this amazing discovery using fruit flies, Father called it ‘discipline’ and we annoyingly termed it ‘dictatorship’.

Not sure if my not-so-cool ways will help me live till a 102 but now that it is official, I will proudly proclaim that boring is the new cool!


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  1. Hey dear P GM! Fret not for you’ve got company in me 😁. Can very well relate to your post.
    But sleeping and waking up at a fixed time is something I’ve never been able to inculcate in my kids. I guess the new generation is very different from ours!

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    • Hi Fi to that one, Radhika. And I will say that we are on the same plane where the children are concerned too. I think that they can inculcate such habits in them by leading by example, but sadly not here. Like you say the new gen are yet to understand the importance of their body clocks. I hope time will teach them!

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  2. Beautifully written. My parents are habitual of getting up at 5.30 in the morning and have always live by the clock. Their planning is immaculate, execution flawless and results commendable.
    They are in much better shape physically, mentally and financially than me.

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  3. there’s definitely discipline and order in routine, I myself being an ultraconservative! but an occasional stepping out of the line will definitely be not a bad idea at all. Surprise your family once in a while by doing that; it’ll be fun I assure you.

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    • Haha! If that is what works for you, it’s so totally fine but trust me times are changing. With this Nobel, the West are going to mend their ways and soon the rest of the world will follow suit, and for once for the better. 😉


  4. Hi pranitha,
    It’s such a pleasure to read your posts. I seriously look forward to it.
    Wow, and am so glad I do belong to the boring – cool category. But, like Radhika said, with kids, I am at my wits end to get them off bed on holidays. 🤔🤔They stretch and shrink their body clocks to suit their needs!!
    I sometimes feel, when it’s a holiday, I will sleep late into the morning tomorrow, but by hook or by crook, I’m up in and around the same time 😀😐…
    Glad, I have something to look up to now 😁

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    • Hi Deepika, thank you so much. The happiness that there are friends who enjoy reading and look forward to it is really motivating. 🙏🏻😍
      And am I not glad that there is a whole generation of us who are’ boring’ and cool!😉 These habits were just part of us all through our childhood but I, like you, am figuring out what is missing in my doing the the children don’t get our point. Now that the Nobel has been awarded to this one, the west might switch its ways, just hope that the rest of the world will follow suit too😃


  5. I think more the brilliance, more it looks boring 🙂 A lot more things in general are productive and joyful in life for those who’s life can ‘look’ boring. It is a challenge indeed to convince the younger generation about these boring habits. I love your writing style and really enjoyed reading your post.

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  6. Boring is the new cool, I love this – my partner & I always find out in time that the things we’ve been doing or eating all along are suddenly on trend! You are so not boring, not when every post leaves me grinning…this one is a beauty!

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  7. Haha, Pranitha your writing always has me in splits. My dad is exactly like your dad it seems, we too have the same disciplined pattern at home even now( of course my brothers don’t listen to him!) and while I despised it as a child, now I long to be like that. Boring, shmoring, this is what gets work done:) You my dear, are uber -cool! 🙂


    • 🤣🤣🤣yes Divya and was it not what we most despised… my brother however has proved the 66-day theory wrong and is blissfully messy with no sense of routine in his lifestyle. Boring is good. Boring is productive and even super cool😂😂
      Glad to catch you here Divya.. been a while.. waiting for your next post about another fragrant cake or a trip you took

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  8. You know I’m left inspired by this post or probably a little jealous. I have been a disciplined kid myself but for quite some time now I’m in rebellion which though won me cool moments of my own, robbed me of many better things too. And now I’m trying to go back but it’s a messy web!
    Having a good habit is cool, it’s awesome and it’s healthy. Yea of course there could be cheat days, breaks in between otherwise monotony takes a different toll in our lives.
    Once again absolutely adored every word of it. Tagging along your sleep deprived son up in the morning with promises of nature oh man even my grown up mind would refuse to acknowledge sometimes if I was dragged that early from my bed too😂😂😂😂
    That part of dictatorship😂😂🙌😛 you absolutely rock my amazing friend 😄😄
    Looks like I’ve missed tons :/

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  9. I’m one of those who can change their body clocks to suit their needs. I get up at a fixed time (read: as late as possible) only on weekdays so that I can get to class on time without missing breakfast. 😂


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