On the Other Side of the Break


'Hope you had a good break...Welcome back!'

It is said that you can never forget how to ride a bike. Google explains that the type of memory that understands the ‘how and what’ of things or the procedural memory is responsible for this.

I cross my fingers, mutter a silent prayer and hope that registering the technique of writing a blog post too is the responsibility of the procedural memory for the fun, excitement and thrill of being amongst family and friends back home in India has kept me away from the blog for much more than I had anticipated.

Luckily, the technique of cooking three simple meals a day is one that I have still managed to remember for like any Indian family – all meetings were planned around food (all of them NOT cooked by me) and the joy of togetherness included full and happy stomachs.

When a cousin surprised us with his visit, we decided to celebrate at a South Indian restaurant that served more than a dozen varieties of starters which were relished in fervor as we chatted, laughed reminiscing old times while we carried our laden stomachs to try and retry the elaborate varieties on the main course.

My sweet-toothed sister-in-law insisted that the few sweet days in her company is sure to get sweeter with the choicest Indian sweets that begged to be relished.

As for Mother, her expression of love was served on a table laden with a variety of delicacies that only her passionate hands could magically cook up.

As I drag myself back to reality, suffering the withdrawal symptoms of a joyous break, it is evident that at the end of every happy holiday is the shock of weighing scales that tip up to unreasonable figures, clothes that have mysteriously shrunken in size and the concern that Google is unable to convince me if recollecting the technique of writing a blog post is the job of the procedural memory.




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  1. Oh so good to have you back P! Missed your wonderful posts!!
    Coming back from a great holiday is what I dread the most, unpacking, missing all the fun ,settling back to the routine ……..
    I am glad you had a great time with family back here. It’s these precious moments that go on to create beautiful memories. 💖

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    • Hey Radhika. It is so wonderful to be back to blogging and all my virtual friends. Been missing all your wonderful posts too. Will get back to them as soon as I can.
      I think coming back and putting your nose to the grindstone again is the worst part of the holiday, not to mention unpacking and settling down.
      Thank you for cheering me up, Radhika. I am almost feeling nice that I got back.:) (a red heart from me too – you see my laptop keyboard does not support emojis )

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    • Hello, Doctor. Unfortunately, much of my mother’s passion for cooking did not seep into my genes but luckily I can still cook to survive and may be even manage a few guests if the requirement arises, but that is that. As for eating, I have done that in all the joys of getting together and now that I have realized it, my clothes are all I could blame


  2. Welcome back to the world of blogs..Your blogging family was missing you loads 🤤🤤
    A good break and vacation always makes you look forward to your next one 😉 so get back in shape, make friends with the shrunken clothes and the weighing scales, so that you can treat yourself in the next vacation 👍

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    • I am smiling, Deepika. Really, a full toothed smile reading that beautiful comment. Thank you, my friend. Now I am glad I am back. I have missed all of you and your beautiful stories too!
      I have decided to fit into my clothes so already up on getting back to shape (now that there is no Mamma’s food). Have not had enough time to sulk as I rush to get back into routine.
      Seeing the state of all that I have left behind and all the picking up and getting back that I have to do, I think the next vacation must simply wait.
      Have a wonderful Sunday, Deepika.


  3. I’m glad that I’ve finally managed to catch up. Sometimes breaks go on for longer than you expect. Reading what you’d written down has made my mouth water! Food aanallo main attraction. Eppozhum. Evideyum 😁😁😁

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