On the Bright Side


'Look on the bright side. Global warming is heating up the water, helping to evaporate all the oil.'

“Awesome Mausum (weather in Hindi),” came the melodious voice of the RJ on the car’s radio followed by the weather update of 42 degrees and 42% humidity.

Really? Only 42 degrees? It surely felt like 62.

But when the husband broke into a sweat rubbing his hand after touching the steel buckle of the seat belt and the children groaned on their ‘hot’ seats, I was relieved that it was not a case of hot flashes but just normal UAE temperatures at this time of the year.

A stray thought of tapping into the heat and try cooking the family’s favorite Indian pancakes on the bonnet of the car crossed my mind, but other than Little Princess I was sure that no one might find the idea hot enough.

Soon the interiors of the car began to feel like a very bright sunny day atop the Himalayas under the influence of the cool fabricated air and we glide through the road that is free of traffic jams as for this time of the year, air fares compete with the rising temperatures and the traffic jams take to the skies.

Environmentalists claim that global warming could make the heartland of the global oil industry – The Persian Gulf – suffer heat waves beyond the limit of human survival making the region uninhabitable before the end of the century.

Then, would the Burj Khalifa make its way to Mars giving visitors one more reason to visit the red planet?


As for now, I should live in the moment and enjoy the ‘bright’ holiday season, the empty roads, the ‘hot’ summers offers and make merry (hay) while the sun shines. I abolish my ‘tall’ woes and join in with the husband and Sid on a heated discussion of whether Roger Federer might make the record breaking win with the eighth Wimbledon title as Little Princess mimics her brother’s words inside the cool confines of the car.



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  1. Nah this isn’t imperfectly perfect, this is just perfect❤ article peppered with alarming causes here and there and yet how one can a make compromise to live in the moment with a good dose of humour too. Hmm global warming is real but things are just spining out of control in that regard and only a few are making worthy contributions in cutting down those life threatening emissions.
    Anyway, hahaha also, only little princess would agree to bonut pancake making!! So cute❤
    Happy Sunday, dear friend!

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    • Good morning, TW. Thank you a ton, my dear friend. Your words warm my heart and makes my day (as always). Yes, we are doing our small little bit but the consequences are occurring at a heated pace. Not sure what is in store for us, so may be living in the moment is a great idea, I reckon.
      Wishing you a happy Sunday too and yes, I will read your next piece and put in my feedback. So glad to see you bouncing back. Take care and be happy, TW.

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      • Good Morning dear friend😄 you know what? I was sort of having a bad morning but all that’s gone now. That’s the power of a well meaning message (read both the comments!) So yeah you kind of made my day too🙌
        Yes living in the moment seems the best, always❤ here’s hoping both of us live in the moment in the best possible way😄
        Thank you so much, you too take care😄 yeah I’m happy! Don’t worry my dear, dear friend.
        I’m sorry we have been friends but I don’t know your name!

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      • Hey TW, you just made my morning by telling me that your day got better by this message of ‘living in the moment’. It is all that I write for. For my friends to have a good laugh along with pass on the message, my job accomplished.
        My name is Pranitha. TW is a nice name but I would love to know the real one. Strange is it not, we don’t know each other’s names yet you make a teeny tiny difference in my life as much as I do to yours.
        Thank you, my dear. Have a super day with a lot of smiles.:)


  2. why go to the Persian Gulf where even oil evaporates!? come to ‘lovely Kerala’, which was just about beginning to turn into an oven, almost grilling all of us in the process, were it not for the South West monsoon? while it’s easy for the fairer sex, familiar with hot flushes to deal with the heat, what do we guys, having no such ‘luxuries’ do than to bear the heat, whatever be it!?

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    • Absolutely, Doctor. I hear Kerala and the rest of India is green with the monsoons, a few submerged too. Prayers that the people in Kerala tackle the fever epidemic that is doing the rounds and that people are as healthy as the green plants.
      Will the hot flushes for the fairer sex be considered a luxury? That would be a hot topic to debate I suppose.
      Wishing you a good day, Doctor.


  3. Well, a total contrast here. It’s cloudy raining and so pleasant. A great contrast from the sweltering heat just a couple of months back!
    Global warming is an alarming phenomena and lots of talks doing the rounds of many conferences but not much actually happening P.
    The ease at which you weave together a current thought provoking topic, laced with humour is simply marvelous dear. 💖👏
    Btw, I do hope Federer lifts that cup this evening!

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    • Thank you so very much for warming my heart with your motivating words, Radhika.
      Federer did after all life that cup that he so very well deserved. An amazing victory that we got to witness.
      I hope the G20 summit and all the rest of the efforts, however small, will also fight the drastic climate change that is rapidly melting glaciers in the Himalayas and the poles and emerge victorious.
      Cannot wait to witness the monsoons back home (which will be soon).
      Wishing you a wonderful day, Radhika 🙂


    • Absolutely, Sunith. You sure know the soaring temps at this time of the year. You are indeed lucky to escape that for the wonderful monsoons, greenery and nostalgia. Less traffic is a boon, not to mention the hot ‘sale’ offers where supermarkets want you to be generous with your relatives back home, even if it means an extra bar with the 10 you have already bought.

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      • Yesterday i went to my native home, and it was so cold there in Thrissur, that i had to close all windows..but will i stay here for long, keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

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      • Cold? Really? For me Kerala is always a wee bit warm and always humid. Cold is new to me. It could be that the ‘tharavadu’ is nestled in the midst of a nice foliage of trees and of course the architecture of those old homes make the insides feel like naturally air conditioned. I remember my grandmother’s home in Nemmara felt just that.

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  4. A sneak peak on the sweltering UAE heat. Awesome Mausam seems so much like this song Mausam Mausam lovely Mausam. I am hooked to Radio Mirchi online now and keep listening every single day. I still rue how the last time to India, I didn’t get out of the airport to see Dubai.

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    • When did you stop over at Dubai? If it is anytime during the months between June and September, trust me you did not miss a thing other than some ‘hot’ offers, still crowded malls and supermarkets but strangely empty roads along with a shiny Burj Khalifa dominating the skyline, shining bright under the Saharan-like Sun. However I must say that rates for ‘going to the top’ of Burj Khalifa has been slashed to AED 65 from the usual 100 something.
      Enjoy radio mirchi, Vishal, a great way to keep up with your (Bollywood) roots via the radio.
      Good day, Vishal.


    • You and my Little Princess would be the only two who agree with the pancake idea. Since you are such a creative genius, Divya, I so hope that my daughter is as creative too and may b I should try that. At least, I would be a ‘hot’ hit on FB at least 😉
      Thank you for stopping by, Divya. Good day to you.:)

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  5. To be on a road trip with you sounds like a grand adventure, I’m glad I can follow you along here – our province (British Columbia in Canada) is in a state of emergency, almost 40,000 people have been displaced because of the many fires burning up country due to higher than normal temperatures, summer here in the city is warm but so far, no fires. Thank you for the gentle reminder to please take care of our earthly home!

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    • Would more than love to do that, Kim. What a lovely idea.
      I read about the fires, a very sad summer for the many people who have been displaced.
      A lot of untimely and unfortunate events in different parts of the world, most man made and others are nature venting her fury. Sending in prayers to all those people and hope they are safe.
      Thank you, Kim. Wishing you a wonderful day 🙂

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  6. We live in moments. I enjoyed reading about your warm adventure. I particularly liked your last paragraph, I have been MIA for a few months but I am glad I was able to see this post. Hope you are doing well. ❤

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      • You’re welcome. I too am taking a summer break. 🙂 ❤ from blogging, tweeting, and my other social media for now. I love reading blog posts, but right now I am working on a new book. (Consumed actually.) It takes up my free time of which I have little of due to my medical staff. It's good to hear from you as well.

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      • Yes, exactly. We must sustain our present home. I feel like that’s our duty and responsibility towards our future generations. They deserve an unpolluted, sustainable environment too. I hope that one day they won’t be forced to look for alternate habits because of all that we’ve done…


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