Chocolate-Coated Memories



A friend who has recently moved into the UAE confessed that she allowed herself one full bar of chocolate a day. In order to appease her guilt, she relished one half in the morning and polished off the other half through the rest of the day.

Being the ‘Five Star’ and ‘Diary Milk’ generation who fought tooth and nail with our sibling for the bigger half when we just chanced to get our hands onto one, weren’t we all guilty of such sweet pleasures?

During our school vacations, my cousins, brother and I waited for the arrival of our uncles (who lived abroad). We gave them our best smiles and a cheerful welcome as our eyes strayed towards their big suitcases that would soon get a ceremonious opening,  spilling the many fantasies they contained.

The many bars of chocolate that later filled the better part of my aunt’s refrigerator led us to believe that our lucky uncles lived in a fantasy land where bars of chocolates grew on date palms.

But upon my arrival into the UAE on a hot summer afternoon and –  40 plus degrees, a new home, the new husband who politely accepted the burnt and sometimes bizarre-tasting results of cooking skills I thought I possessed (not with practice but genetically acquired), a new job and new friends later –  it became evident that only dates grew on date palms and chocolates occupied huge racks in supermarkets and they all came with a price tag attached.

As the world celebrated World Chocolate Day on July 7, 2017, let me confess that to this day, chocolates tasted best when they were sneaked out of my aunt’s refrigerator and gobbled up, one bar at a time, while hiding from the prying eyes of my brother – who sat in another dark corner doing the same.

Are you a chocolate lover?  What is your chocolate-coated memory?


Dear Friends, Good morning.

I have been taking some off-screen time due to conjunctivitis. I will be catching up with all your wonderful stories, that I have missed last week, over the next few days. 

Wishing you all a happy Sunday!


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  1. First of all. Get well soon, I think you should use minimal eye hurting technology in sour eyes. They hurt so much, so take care of yourself.
    I so wish I get to read your articles every sunday, they make it so much more fun. I genuinely want to learn a lot from your writing style.
    There is so much I loved in this article, sneakily gorging that bar of chocolate while your brother would have done the same to the part of the anticipatory excitement of what all wonderful Narnia level fantasy edibles lied in those suitcases and bags (my grandfather used to pamper me and my sister so much with goodies, this article brought back so many good memories❤) Amazing you are!

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  2. not exactly a sweet tooth, my forages into the refrigerator to get my hands on chocolates were few.howver, I loved the five star among the various chocolate avatars. I request you to advise your friend to go for the dark chocolate, in the interest of her heart!

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    • Thank you, Deepika. So glad it brought back sweet memories. Wasn’t it fun, measuring mm by mm on who got the bigger piece and sometimes my brother was smart enough to eat a bit of mine just to prove a point and while I wailed and fretted about it, he enjoyed his one too. So much fuss over a piece of chocolate but the joys of relishing those memories are second to none.

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  3. First of all get well soon dear.
    Well, I experienced the same feelings you’ve written about kids and chocolates!!
    I used to think I when I grow up I will keep jar full of chocolates with me.
    Now I make different types of chocolates at home but rarely taste them. I am done with eating them☺️

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    • Thank you so much, Radhika. I feel much better now.
      Oh yes, I used to think it too, that I would have a refrigerator full of chocolates and then would eat them all, and the thought of not sharing it with my brother was the tastiest bit. But strangely, now they all go untouched, as I occasionally partake a few dark ones.
      Like you have rightly pointed out, I am also done with eating them.

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  4. I recently walked up a sunny street with a dear friend to visit my Mom, as we caught up with each other, we shared a delicious Lindt milk chocolate bar and I realized I want to do this more often, it was heavenly!
    I so enjoyed reading this tasty piece and I think it’s a good companion to the piece that was recently published, both articles have a lovely blend of whimsy and memoir.
    I hope you are recovering well…take good care, Kim!

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  5. Pranitha, thank you for sharing that July 7th is Chocolate Day. I wouldn’t tell my husband. He doesn’t have a day without chocolate. But quite a while ago, he started eating only dark chocolate. Yes, my research says the right amount of dark chocolate is good for the heart. So I, without sneaking into his chocolate, started to take a bite in the morning. I do like chocolate, dark chocolate has less sugar, so I indulge myself…

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  6. This is very nice! It reminds me of my childhood memories. It was so funny though embarrassing to my mother when one day my siblings and i opened and started sharing the box of chocolate before our guest left 😂
    Nice days!
    Now chocolate is everywhere at anytime and i will never expect my children to do what we did!
    Thanks for sharing!


  7. Hope you’ve recovered well from conjunctivitis- the gift that keeps giving. My boys so thoughtfully passed it along to me a few years ago, so I feel your pain. :/

    And yes, things do tend to taste better when there’s that element of forbidden fruit at play… 😛


  8. Sorry to hear about the conjunctivitis. Hope you’re feeling better now. Lol I remember waiting for the guests to leave before my brother and I fought over the chocolate stash that they’d brought over. 😂 Hiding my share of chocolates in the fridge, only to find that it has vanished the next day. Because by that time, my brother, the chocolate loving, greedy idiot would have finished eating both our shares! 😂 Seems laughable when I think of it now. Was a disaster of nearly world war like proportions then! 😂


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