Digital Dilemma



When Mr. Narendra Modi, the honorable Prime Minister of India, encouraged a switch from e-governance to mobile governance, a few government officials worked feverishly on updating their Facebook status and uploading pictures that threw light on their political influences and milestones in order to impress him, especially during important meetings chaired by the Prime Minister himself.

Mr. Modi was quick to banish these hand-held pieces of technology into his meetings, the likes of which worked a few hundred seconds faster than light and kept busy government servant’s eyes and mind captive under its enticing digital spell, while the matters of the nation took a backseat.

I always assumed the founder of I-pad, Steve Jobs, had touch screens instead of walls at home. Astonishingly, his children had limited access to technological wonders created by him and went to schools that focused on hands-on learning. Luckily, his creations have been put to good use by leading schools that have switched to e-books and use games like Minecraft as teaching tools leaving Gen-Y parents confused and little children with glasses as thick as soda bottles.

I have nothing against technology but even in the digital era, isn’t moderation the key?

So, before the digital bug bites and later swallows us whole reducing our brains and cognitive functions to the size of a pea and before my children stumble onto games like Blue Whale (that has the blood of 130 Russian teens on its vicious hands), I have decided to put my family on a digital diet.

I plan to start by accidentally switching the WiFi off when I intend to have a conversation with the husband or unintentionally slip the I-pad into the microwave oven when I need to give Sid a piece of my mind.

But may be it is a good idea to make a date with Google in order to find out the best solutions to my new-found predicament!


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  1. True indeed… Children hooked on to phones, tablets and busy parents actually handing them over to them to keep them “occupied” has become a common scenario… High time WiFi routers break down frequently πŸ˜‰

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  2. I am entirely glad that there’s a voice in the wilderness canvassing for ‘moderation’ in these mad times of digitization. prove me wrong if a woman won’t give birth by e-delivery right here in this country not too far into future!!!!!!


  3. Check this post by Rekha
    Just another cellphone
    β€œ911, what’s your emergency?” β€œPlease help! My baby… my baby…” β€œMa’am, please calm down. What happened to your baby?” β€œMy baby is missing. He was right here five minutes ago…” β€œMa’am, please don’t panic, I am sending a police officer to your house right away!” Β  Police Officer : β€œMa’am, there are no signs of […]

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  4. Hello dear friendπŸ˜ƒ thank you for giving me a laugh through such an intellectual and TOI editorial page like humour. Embarking on a digital diet is definitely a necessity today especially when you have young impressionable minds around who are more vulnerable to the dark side of a thing (that doesn’t mean grown ups are much better, we’re digitally addicted and it does negatively affect at times the reception and thinking power of our brains other than our eyesight!)
    The last part of accidentally doing things, hahahaha that was so awesome!!

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