Eye on the Sky



Lately, the turbulent skies have become media’s very own playground.

First, there was the ban on electronic devices onto flight cabins in flights bound to US and UK from ten Middle Eastern airports that caused passengers ( who usually spent their journey treating themselves to the in-flight entertainment  while indulging their taste buds to mouthwatering hot food cooked by gourmet chefs about a day and a half before) to panic.

Luckily, social media came to the aid of this catastrophe with a few zillion tips on facing a journey through the skies with gadgets sitting in the cargo. One of them suggested writing poems about your husband (while he sat beside you chewing on rubbery chicken tikka, headphones in place).

Social media had a field day lambasting an Indian lawmaker following a flying ban (after he succumbed to a rare case of unapologetic power-drunk air rage) having repeatedly hit a steward with his footwear (25 times exactly). The unfortunate MP was forced to take to the roads and trains struggling to effectively discharge his duties and responsibilities. Finally, a delayed idea of regret expressed in a letter to the Civil Aviation Ministry called off the ban and the MP was relieved to use washrooms without having cameras zooming after him.

When a popular American airline turned into a flying hellscape after they demonstrated to the world that ‘drag and drop’ of customers was their idea of re-accommodation, the inhumane video seized media attention with users zealously overworking their creative abilities to outdo one another’s ‘drag’ cartoons.

A hefty lawsuit , an apologetic CEO and some happy ‘Gulf’ airlines paying back their pending dues – social media has finally run out of ‘drag’ jokes and is back to discussing an adorable cat interrupting Mr. Mayor’s interview and if a musically-inclined chicken is the next musical prodigy.

Yet, hungry news mongers have their eye on the sky for the storms in the turbulent skies are just about a flight away!


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  1. Hey Writer Woman! You summed up everything that has happened in the past week or so, everything that has made me afraid of airplanes. A quick Google search shows that the word I am looking for is aerophobia. And it has been heightened by a movie I watched today. Terminal was a funny movie and had Tom Hanks in it (double reasons for watching it) but it showed the unsympathetic behaviour of ‘whoever is in charge of the airport’ towards Tom in detaining him in the airport for nine months. Tom didn’t have a visa so he couldn’t step into New York nor could he go back to his country because of a war going on over there. And this airport person wanted to get rid of Tom so he devised numerous ways of getting Tom to step into New York so that the police would get hold of him and he would not be responsible for Tom. The description is bland, I know, but the story mived along those lines and somewhat scared me. I have never boarded an aeroplane before and I really want to but all those incidents will make me think twice before making any such trips.
    I must be coming forth as a real coward what with my fears of dentists and aeroplanes but I like to think I am not alone. And perhaps I should write a post listing all my fears, right?

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  2. Air travel was at one time reserved for the rich and the famous and had a definite snob value. Now, not only the passengers but the airlines also have decided to leave all manners on the ground before take off.
    Media as usual feeds on it.

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  3. It has definitely been an eye-opening few weeks as my eyes and ears take in the news, your post summed it up quite nicely, taking the sting out of the worry that such events create and that various media takes by storm!


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