Organically Perplexed!



'Enjoy your meal! We grow everything ourselves!'

During a visit to the supermarket, I spotted bunches of fresh green palak leaves stacked to perfection on one side with its equally-fresh ‘organic’ counterpart stacked on the next. I was left in a dilemma as to whether it was healthier to feed my family to cubes of cottage cheese simmered in blanched and pureed palak leaves that have been treated to a good healthy dose of pesticides or a crisp green batch of the same that have been treated to manure (or dung) from organic-fed cows and generously watered with fresh treated sewage water.

As my not-so-green fingers and pathetic gardening abilities forbade me from growing  my own batch of herbs, I thought that my family will be better off on a diet minus the delicious ‘palak paneer’. I instead chose a batch of perfectly-rounded, red ‘hydroponic’ variety of tomatoes. I have not bothered snooping around at Google’s doorstep trying to find fault with the ‘hydroponic’ technique of farming, as ignorance (in this case at least) is bliss.

As I glanced upon the white glistening crystals of ‘organic’ sugar, I willed my mind not to think of the unusual ‘organic’ techniques employed to give it its beautiful white sheen.

At the poultry section, I came across a variety of eggs, priced exorbitantly, that had a picture of a fat, healthy and happy hen that appeared to be smiling. Upon checking, I learnt that the ‘smiling’ hen had actually been put on a ‘vegetarian diet’ as the owner had decided to go on a mission to improve humanity’s brain function and immunity with this brand of eggs. We must applaud the owner for this creative marketing strategy and forgive the fact that this person is just by the way earning some extra bucks in the process.

Thankfully, extensive marketing techniques coupled with a drastic increase in the educated lot of customers opting for anything that claims to be produced organically, we have a new brand of bottled water that claims to be organic.

Yes, you heard it right – ORGANIC water.

There is already the Smart Water that improves brain function, Vitamin Water to boost your health and Diet Water to make you skinny.

What could be next, a new range of gluten-free water or Trans fat-free water?

Thank goodness that even in this world of ruthless industrialization and inhumane marketing strategies, somebody still cares about our health!



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    • Goodmorning, Divya! Good to see you here this morning and your comment has indeed brought a smile on my face. Thank you!
      okay, will let you on my new recipe, little cubes of cottage cheese simmered in blanched and pureed ‘hydroponic’ tomatoes. 😉
      Have a good Sunday, Divya!

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  1. Hahaha! Thank you for giving me an early morning laugh, friend. I so understand your reasons to be perplexed by the ever growing organic and “we care about your health” market. And yet what we’re looking for is some genuineness, who can give us that?😭😁
    I mean they substitute desperate cravings of Samosa with Masala oats in a bid to burn to those extra calories(like Samosas could be replaceable 😂 and that too with oats!)

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    • Good morning, TW! As I read ur comment I hear ‘ Samosaaa… samosa’ playing in my mind. A super example of a ‘healthy’ alternative, rightly pointed by you. How about healthy chocolate cereal to kick start your day or ‘healthy’ noodles🙄.
      Wonder what is left🤔
      Thank you, my dear friend. Your comment brought a smile to my face.
      Wishing you a happy Sunday! Hugs!

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  2. Gm dear P! The strategy is surely to confuse us and spend a few more bucks on stuff that they claim is organic. My friend’s in laws who are farmers claim that it is impossible to grow something which is cent percent organic. What the markets offer in the name of organic may only use natural manure.
    The water, quality of soil and other methods are a big question mark.
    But customer is happy thinking he has bought good stuff and the marketeer pockets some more , unfortunately not the farmer. 💰😊

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    • Absolutely, Radhika! A littlereading did give me the same answers about the fact that organic products are just hyped to be sold at exorbitant prices. Unfortunately, the poor farmer does not reap the benefits of these newly devised marketing strategies.

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  3. Hey Perfy! I so wish I was shopping there with you. We would have such a blast tearing away the organic names to pieces in a completely healthy and organic way. 😂

    This is just one of the newest fads to cater to the increasing health-freak generation. We can never know how much truth actually lies in their claims.

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  4. Your words have made me smile (again!) – I’m looking forward to our local Farmer’s Market starting up again where I can safely buy all manner of unusual and ugly fruits/vegetables knowing that they have been grown in a safe manner whether organic or conventional. They taste of sunshine and the outdoors making my tummy very happy!

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