Inspiration from a ‘Famed’ Shortcut



When the editor of a leading children’s magazine published my story, my joy (and the money order) caused my twelve-year-old instincts to believe that the storyteller in me has risen from the inner crevices of my being and is on its path to a ‘famed’ story writing spree.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bad case of ‘Brains on Overdrive’, as upon embarking on the works of Rabindranath Tagore and William Shakespeare, I went into a literary shock that caused me to (sensibly) abandon my ‘famed’ dream.

More recently, I thought of driving myself to fame by attempting some dangerous car stunts, but the husband insists that the car and me together on a road is a catastrophe enough!

I wondered if I should challenge the Russian model, who soared to fame by cheating death and hanging off a 1000-feet tall skyscraper for a photo shoot, by updating my Twitter account with a video of pretending to write my next blog post dangling atop any one of the many skyscrapers that decorate the Dubai skyline.

The thought of my epitaph reading “Resting in Pieces’ or ‘A Fallen Blogger at Eternal Rest’ did not sound glamorous, so I thought that the safer way to put myself into cyberspace’s history book was to join the motor-mouthed, verbal-diarrhea stricken free-world Twitter force that go by the motto of ‘Tweet without Thought’. As a starter, I could tweet about the glaring lights bouncing off the bald pate of hotshot celebrities being one of the prime causes of global warming or blame Netherlands’s four-day workweek for population explosion!

My light-bulb moment came when I read that an overnight sensation is like a shooting star – a brief blaze that quickly burns out, in the book ‘All Groan Up’ by Paul Angone. Even in this fast-paced world where the fine line between fame and notoriety is fading out, the secret to overnight success is to work with such a passionate, tenacious consistency at something that you cannot NOT do that you lose all interest, anxiety and desire of becoming an overnight success.

As Indian Actor, Aamir Khan, says in his movie 3 idiots, “Do not run behind success, chase excellence, success will come running after you!”

Now if you will excuse me, I have a Twitter update to make.


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    • Akhi, u have made my day! If I write a book some day and this is the review and response I get, my dream has been accomplished. I hope I will find enough inspiration and confidence for that one. Thank you, Akhi🙏🏻


      • I’ll let you off the hook this time. 😉😀 Oops, I guess I left behind so many comments the day I read many of your posts. Did my comments end up in the spam folder? 😂😂😂 It was a pleasure to read your posts. Akhila is right. Do follow your dream! I also hope that you get the inspiration and confidence to do so. All the best for that! 😊

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      • Thank you soo soo much😍! Wish I could blame the spam folder, it my oversight on my part. Now your comments will come in, WP has officially recognized you as my dear virtual friend. Oops, did I just say Shwetha again, okay Shweta, correct one last and final time😌


  1. Writing a story for kids is not an easy task. They hold the power of influence. Your story getting published shows how great of a writer you are. Will check it out. Do keep inspiring young minds!!!

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