It is a Man’s World..




…but it takes a Woman to make life here worth living!

As a life giver, she stands an embodiment of strength, love, compassion and loyalty, bringing color to a stark bleak world. If this also means that she can talk for hours to end with a mute companion or unearth an event from a bygone era just to win an argument – so be it!

It takes a man to complement a woman and vice versa. Yet, it is this very equilibrium of the rule of nature that is under threat.

“Where the women are worshiped, there the Gods will dwell,” goes the saying from the golden era of the Vedic Culture in India, where a venerating regard for women formed the basis for a rich Indian history that included women who have risen to great heights of spirituality, education, science and even warriors in the battlefield.

The Indian Gods went a step ahead in their reverence for their women and had their names after their wives names – ‘Sita-Ram’, ‘Gowri-Shankar’, ‘Janaki-Vallabh’, ‘Radha-Krishna’, ‘Uma-Maheshwar’.

Is there a need for the women’s liberation association if we can simply follow the ancient Vedic culture, questions vocalist – Vishaka Hari.  She rightly points out that the present world is in need of a balance where the man and woman must respect and complement, rather than compete, with one another’s existence, as real beauty lies in dignity and decorum – not in ridicule and derision.

So, dear women, celebrate all that you represent – celebrate your emotional strengths and weaknesses, celebrate your capacity to love and be loved, accept your vulnerabilities for you are human too!

Salute the patient mother, loyal employee, shrewd entrepreneur, the dedicated teacher for it is she who can nurture and restore the balance and harmony back into this world through her sons and daughters.

As for the men, they are well aware, but just have a funny way of showing it!

It was another man, William Golding, who once quoted ‘I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men; they are far superior and have always been.’

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  1. Yes nitha, we Are actually empowered enough.. we are not looking for any reservations or empathies..but the entire women generation first need to realize the fact , need to understand their power

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  2. ‘I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men; they are far superior and have always been.’
    I know right? Me and my sister have been sharing this quote of his with so many but it has become a difficult topic these days and people it seems are ready to take offence on anything you speak regarding the matter.
    I loved every bit of this article you have so beautifully expressed dear friend and agree with a lot of it.
    And yeah, it can’t go anywhere if they’re going to turn it into a competition which is quite what’s happening these days.

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