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ISRO’s record launch of 104 satellites, UAE’s ‘Mars 2117 project’ that aims to set up the first inhabitable human settlement on the red planet and Mars One launching its official worldwide search for astronauts who will qualify for a one-way ticket to Mars in the year 2023 are some of the greatest ‘out-of-this-world’ advancements in Space Science .

When I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio has signed up for a trip to Mars, I wondered aloud if I could sign up too. But I was quick to abort my mission plans when I caught the husband and Sid engaged in a discussion about the fast foods that they could indulge in my absence. The thought of my family indulging in flour-coated chicken while I floated around in an uncomfortable spacesuit with an Earthly superstar suddenly did not seem very glamorous.

However, this made me wonder if the future of parenting would involve bedtime stories to children about a bygone era of Earthlings and the normalcies of Earthly life – flowing fresh water, free oxygen and naturally grown fruits and vegetables.

Or, will the future see humans divided as Earthly Patriots and The Gen Z Martians?

Will there be curbs on Earthlings visiting Mars with exceptions to those possessing the ‘red card’?

Will there be campaigns on ‘Make on Earth’ or ‘Make on Mars’?

As I sit ruminating on the future of humans sharing two planets, I read that NASA had finally revealed that it was not dust on the telescopic lens of the Kepler Space Telescope but seven Earth-like planets (TRAPPIST -1) orbiting in the ‘habitable’ zone (or the Goldilocks Zone) of a Sun-like star – some or all of which harbor water and possibly life.

I then decided that the future of Earth is best left in the able hands of scientists and astronomers, while I should better focus on going about my Earthly duties!

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    • Hi, my dear friend! Thank you and Thank you more!
      I did mention in a previous comment about like-minded people, did I not? Glad to know that I am not alone with bizarre overthinking 😉
      TW, I have to tell you that I keep you in mind before I post an article wondering if this post will keep to my dear virtual friend’s expectation as I deem it important that my voice not only be simply heard but also enjoyed by the reader.
      Thank you so much for being there and giving me your kind words of encouragement, it means a big deal to me 🙂

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      • Hello dear friend! Wow😄 it was such an honour to hear that you keep me in mind while writing and care for my liking too! That is so sweet and kind of you. Wow! Thank you😄😄
        Although, don’t worry much dear because I will like anytime you write because I love the way you write!
        I’m glad I’ve encouraged you, you have certainly done the same for me and honestly means so so much. Thank you too.
        Lol yes, you did! You’re not alone once again, I sure have overthinking syndrome as well as vivid imagination😂😂 sometimes, I have to tell my mind, “just shup up, shut up, shup up! I’m trying to work here!”


  1. As always, a pleasure to read your post. Thought provoking with a dash of humour made it a good read Pranitha! I am sure the next two decades will see a tremendous growth in space technology and tourism as well. Traveling around in space may become so common 😁😁

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    • Thank you, my dear friend, for your kind words of encouragement. Glad you enjoyed it. Absolutely, Radhika, been doing some reading and I hear that the first set of people to leave to Mars could be reality stars but the others will join in pretty soon. So your prediction about the growth in space tourism might actually become a normal in the near future!

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  2. I’m not surprised that one day certain people just casually say, I just came from from Mars. People are making invention in it to create a private business. It seems like just yesterday when Bill Gate was interviewed, he reached into his pocket and put out a gadget then, and said, this holds 800 books. Even that is outdated. Hey, we learned so much from Star Wars….

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  3. Lovely post……..I am just imagining how our kids one or two decades later will exchange their holiday notes with each other- “I went to Mars, what bout you?” and how travelling within earth may then be called domestic travel 😉 haha….lovely dear

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