Fright of Fantasy



A family emergency back home had the husband booking tickets and me anxiously attempting to fill a suitcase with anything that the children and I might need during our stay. We traveled the same weekend that the newspapers later claimed as ‘Desert Haven at its Wintery Best’, with dramatic temperature dips and the Weather Man predicting rain, thunder and even snow in some areas.

However, my distraught mind only took notice of the bizarre weather conditions after the captain announced, minutes into our flight, that all in-flight services will resume only after we fly out of the ‘turbulent’ setting. This mostly caused many tummies to rumble but thankfully for me, anxiety (and the ‘turbulent’ announcement) only dimmed my appetite for piping-hot stale flight food.

A few more minutes into our turbulent flight got Little Princess excitedly screaming ‘weee’ for it had become a rollercoaster ride that we had not paid for. Sid’s questions about whether the captain could navigate his way through the rain and if the aircraft was resistant to lightening only got me frantically searching for the Airline Safety Card, my anxiety peaking as I hoped to reach my destination in ‘one piece’. The lady beside me gave me a strange stare as her grip tightened and she appeared to mumble a silent prayer.

Thankfully, our captain was neither depressed nor suicidal; with a ‘fit’ aircraft and ‘healthy’ engines and all migratory birds cozy in their nests, he did not require to use Sully-like antiques to land us safely at our destination.

When I read about driverless flying cars that are set to hit the skies, the news felt right out of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter. These ‘secure autonomous aerial vehicles’ are fitted eight propellers, in the case of failure of any one, the other seven could complete the flight and aid safe landing, in addition, to operate in all weather conditions except thunderstorms.

The husband claimed that this will come in handy for people like me who fall into the category of ‘always’ running late and then having to beat traffic jams.

Robots and machines are the future and are soon set to become the norm, but the very thought made me dizzy. Still reeling from my airline rollercoaster adventure I said, “better late than never!”

My dear virtual friends, I am yet to look into your spaces as I am still ‘catching’ up with all that I missed during my time away from the virtual world. Thank you for understanding!


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  1. I am with you on this. In fact I think I would’ve panicked enough to panic other passengers and would be locked in the cramped airplane toilet since asking me to disembark sadly wasn’t an option for them. 😜

    I hope you reached on time and the emergency is now taken care of, dear. Please take care of yourself and your family. We are all here for you.

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    • Varsha! What a pleasure to have you here. How have you been? Missed your feedback and so glad to have you back.
      Haha! Trust me I had half a mind to panic but whatever composure I managed to maintain was for my kids. It indeed was one hell of a bumpy ride.
      Had to rush as my mom was unwell. Now she is recovering well after having spent a few days with her. Thank you so very much my dear friend! Hugs!


    • Haha 🙂 Absolutely, Radhika! Had the fright of my life but managed to keep my composure only for the sake of the children! I am back now having spent some time with my mom who was not keeping well, but recovering well now. Yes, getting back to routine! Thank you my dear friend!

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  2. Well, hello there. I’m glad you guys were safe. Flight turbulence is scary stuff but judging from your post, even in fright your mind hadn’t lost its creative side! Seriously at some point the post even became technical, such an amazing writer you are!😄
    Also, I’m always running late too😭😭 Even my excuses don’t work now!! Also, people have started giving me half an hour early schedule, so I reach on time😂😂

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    • Hello TW! How are you, my friend? Thank you so so so very much! Glad you enjoyed my very ‘turbulent ride home’. At that point, it was anything but funny at all sometimes in hindsight these instances do get strangely funny, as it did in this one.
      Trust me, I am perpetually late, till now I had the traffic jams as my excuse, now I can blame my fear of flying 😉 So glad I am not alone here.
      BTW, I am no photographer and cannot even take a decent pic with the phone camera but your pictures were amazing. All the very best for more, TW!

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      • Hey😄 I’m gud, thank you.
        Haha! No! No! I didn’t enjoy the fact that you had a turbulent flight, just your amazing description and shades of humour in it!
        Haha yes, my dear friend, you’re definitely not alone here😂 lol I always have a set of look ready whenever I have to go somewhere just in case I’m running way too late😂😭
        Thank you so much for your kind words on my photography and even if it isn’t your cup of tea, writing sure is❤ You’re definitely one of the best writers I have met here🙌😀

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