La La Power


'This next song's about spreading risk in a volatile market by diversification.'

Sid’s teacher once explained that music, songs, and rhymes are the best ways to connect with little children or even keep up with their short attention span. It must be true as Little Princess (who has the tenacity of a terrier bull during a tantrum) was quick to forget her ‘I want chips’ tantrum when she heard a popular Bollywood number being played in the Electronic section of the supermarket. She even managed to get the attention of busy shoppers when she sang the words (a little too loud for my liking) and did funny dance moves while seated on the seat of the shopping cart.

My love for music only got me as far as the school choir, a group that limited its performance to the last day before school closed for Christmas Holidays. This part of my schooling came in handy while trying to sing to my first born, who almost always slipped into a deep slumber after the first few lines. When I tried it with Little Princess, I caught myself dozing off while she had already slipped away to pursue her many explorations.

Elena Mannes, the author of The Power of Music, says that scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. So, it was not surprising when I read an article by the columnist of Toronto Star, Vinay Menon, who claims that a little brainstorming after witnessing the record-breaking seven Golden Globes win for the musical La La Land led him to wonder what might happen if real life was a musical and we could sing or dance our way out of strife?

This thought got me imagining ex-news anchor of Times Now, Mr. Arnab Goswami, singing (not screaming) his arguments and opinions while angry politicians sang theirs. Not quite a song, is it not?

Then maybe I must limit my imagination to ‘singing’ my way to winning the next argument with the husband or even ‘singing’ my disapproval the next time Sid comes back from school with his snack box untouched.

This technique sure has health benefits as it keeps all emotional outbursts (or anger) in check as the mind overworks the creative side of the brain to sing the right tunes, calming and soothing tense nerves.

But I would be wary of ‘singing’ my mind out to Little Princess for she might just sing after me and then even break into a funny dance!



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    • Haha 😉 Thank you, Radhika! Unfortunately, my singing does have varying influences on my kids so keeps me confused as to where I stand. As for music, I absolutely agree, music, has and always be a very powerful medium that relaxes, influences and is enjoyable most!

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  1. Lucky you, Pranitha, you have an inclination to music and that it seem to love you back. Unfortunately on my part, music hasn’t been good to me, lol. I love listening to music though, I just can’t sing, well, I meant decently 😁

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    • Ha Ha! Andrei, you do seem to have some wonderful ‘musical’ memories. I hope I can get to hear about it soon in your posts. Well, as for my singing ability, it has only been tested with the children and the varying effects it has leaves me still confused on where I stand.

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      • Nah…I have a bizarre love affair with music, haha. Kids can be confusing most of the time, they have different tastes, inclinations and takes than adults on almost everything. Don’t let those cute one’s choke your voice out! Lol, sing, so long as it is not jeopardizing national security!

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  2. I gives one immense sense of achievement if one can cradle your little one in your arms, ans sing him/her to sleep; you feel good as a parent! but, I wonder if one can lull your spouse to sleep by crooning. f you are, then you’re a class apart!

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  3. My 3 year old does communicate through singing these days…….music and songs is her latest passion and for kids that age- once they like something, they do it all the time. So she is pretty much singing her way through the whole day which sometimes is a medley of dialogues from peppa pig, ben and holly, teletubbies etc. Its absolutely cute…. You post is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thank you, Neerja for visiting and leaving your feedback. Your Little Princess seems absolutely adorable and pretty much the same age as mine. Just cherish every bit of your time and keep all your these wonderful memories both in your mind and digitally for every word, every song they sing are some of the precious treasures that will remain in our heart for us to cherish as they grow up. I can so relate to you as I hear new versions of all the she hears and sees through the day. Love to little Zoya and Hugs to the lovely mommy!

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  4. “This thought got me imagining ex-news anchor of Times Now, Mr. Arnab Goswami, singing (not screaming) his arguments and opinions while angry politicians sang theirs….”
    haha…loved this 🙂

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  5. I love all of the comments! OMG! This is pure love! I love your post! Having the ability to sing without making people run away after the first line is a blessing! I love to sing when listening to my country music in the shower because that’s the only way that I can feel the rhythm of my voice. Thank you for sharing! 🙂😊


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