Smiling Glory



One busy morning this weekend, as I hurried with breakfast, the husband walked in cheerfully quipping his good morning.  Too busy with the work at hand, I merely mumbled my response.

“The least you can do is smile this beautiful morning,” he said matter-of-factly.

“This morning, I feel like Victoria Beckham, I am just too ‘posh’ to smile,” I snapped.

Well, a little farfetched, right? I thought so too!  But who said arguments had any sense of rationality?

The ‘Beckham’ caught Sid’s attention while he sat hunched over the sports page of the newspaper.

“But why doesn’t she smile?” he questioned.

“She does not wish to flex her seventeen-odd facial muscles to smile,” was the most intelligent answer I could muster.

Mrs. Beckham – Businesswoman, Fashion Designer, model, ‘Posh Spice’ and being wife of David Beckham, not smiling to the radiant smile of the inconspicuous cleaner at the mall food court when I gave him my thanks for cleaning up the table, only goes to imply that smiling has nothing to do with being wealthy or famous.

You might be sitting on a heap of worries or like me, have busy weekend mornings with hungry children and a husband awaiting breakfast, but Google has more reason than one to explain that even a fake smile can do you a world of good.

In a world where the ‘POUT’ is the new smile, extending your facial muscles to brighten your face with a smile is the cheapest way to boost your health, your mood, your longevity and even your success!

This morning I am dressed up in my best smiles.  Are you?

Good Morning!



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  1. aha….beautiful……why mustn’t we smile……and well strengthen those 17 odd muscles by flexing them……..the world is your gym……why not sweat happiness….right?

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  2. “This morning, I feel like Victoria Beckham, I am just too ‘posh’ to smile,” I snapped.” This had me laughing so bad, I’ve never ever seen her laughing!
    I agree smiling helps I don’t know how but it helps you and those around.
    You have an engaging way of writing. Really like your blog😄

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  3. Yes I am always smiling, when I meet new people or old friends.
    It doesn’t just keep you going and your day but others too who make be having a tough day, the last thing they would want to cross is another grumpy face.

    Well said dear, a lovely post to start the day.


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