Beating The Morning Alarm



I am very delighted to share with you all that I have managed to stick to my 5 AM routine (at least up until now).

The advent of the mobile era has the benefit of pre-setting your morning alarm to the tunes of your choice (among many others)  unlike the yesteryears where alarm clocks shouted awake even the  neighbor’s dog with its one and only jarring ‘Trrring’ and no ‘SNOOZE’ button to linger a while longer inside cozy covers and drift back into a wonder world that is fueled by our own fantasies and governed by no rules other than your own.

Hoping to wake up to the chimes of a beautiful tune, I set my mobile alarm to a popular melodious Bollywood number. It did occur to me that there was a risk of me being lulled back to sleep, yet, that was one risk I was willing to take.

This morning, I awoke to a beautiful tune melodiously announcing the break of day. Just as I sat up smiling, a little voice said, “Come on, Mommy, let’s dance.”

This takes me back to a childhood memory of my uncle’s home in Kerala. The uncle, who lived abroad, brought back wonder gadgets that always caught us kids awestruck (and adults sneering). Among the many wonders was a music system (with an array of speakers) that sat on a rosewood platform. It impressed us to no end when we learned that this machine could automatically play a song at a preset time.  The uncle (who was home on holiday) had it preset to wake up to the blissful voice of India’s Carnatic vocalist, MS Subalakshmi, singing Suprabhatham, was rudely shaken awake to Bon Jovi’s ‘Its My Life’ after we kids spent the night ‘checking it out’. The events that followed is better left unsaid.

Coming back to my morning with Little Princess, who, having refused to go to sleep, we spent my  ‘ME’ time doing a bit of dance, building blocks and a lot of talking while the Tibetian monks did their job. I am not too sure if she has decided to join the 5 AM club, but I must say that my day has had a very ‘active’ start!


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  1. Good morning early bird!!
    It’s always so wonderful to wake up early to the divine chants. Nothing can be a more relaxed start to the day than spending time with your little one, rather than the chaos which otherwise reigns in the morning time in many households.
    Congratulations on the wonderful new habit you have inculcated. Have a good day!!

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  2. Ah I can relate to this, especially during winter you snuggle back to bed and think just 10 more minutes and I’ll be up and ready to roll for the day. But sometimes it’s just too late by the time you wake up again.

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