Thank You!


“Until you pick up a pen and begin writing, you will never know the mistakes you can make”, encouraged the husband.

But I had written. I wrote every single day. Writing gave me wings, a sense of fulfillment, a sense of self-worth and excited me to no end.

Someone said, “Anything that gets your blood racing is worth doing.”

That is when the idea of a blog took shape.

Six months down, this space has become the platform on which I have had the pleasure of giving form to my thoughts, talking about the matters of the world as I see it, sharing what I hear and read and expressing my sometimes bizarre and otherwise mundane musings into words with hopes of putting a smile on at least one of my reader’s faces!

Thank you, my dear friends, cousins, brothers, sisters, aunties, and uncles who have taken precious time from your day to read my posts and paused a while longer to let me know what you think. (If I have tagged you, please consider it to be my personal message of gratitude to you, your support and your encouragement – it means the world to me.)

Thank you, my virtual ‘Wordpress’ friends!   By stopping by, following, commenting, encouraging and reading every one of my posts – you are my best cheerleaders.  If there is anything better than writing, it is to never miss an opportunity to ‘meet’ you all and take a peek into your worlds, your thought, and opinions.  It is wonderfully comforting to know that there is a world of people who share my madness – a passion for writing!

For all those who laughed at the face of my passion, those who questioned me as to how much my blog paid me and those who challenged my writing abilities by sending me the strangest videos to write about, a big Thank you to you – you taught me to be ‘de-motional’ (

Quoting Mr. Khan, “Madness is an absolute prerequisite to a happy and successful life. Don’t ever treat your little insanities as if they are aberrations that ought to be hidden from the rest of the world.”

formal-happy-new-year-2015Wishing You and Your Family a Happy and Prosperous 2017!


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  1. This is such a sweet and lovely message, Pranitha. Thank you for tagging me! 🙏🙂
    Yes. Most of your posts truly inspired me and brought smiles to my heart and face. You’re one of those many gifted writers who exist in the blogosphere. Your writing has a way of talking to the mind and heart of your reader; it has ‘kick’ to it-the push to motivate. Keep it up. You’re doing an awesome job!
    Never, ever, fall short of trusting what you’ve got. You’re a great writer. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for a wonderful and encouraging post! I, like you, write because I love to and want to touch people.Getting paid is not even something I considered. Continue the journey you are on and keep writing! Looking forward to reading more!

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  3. Thank you for including me in this lovely message Pranitha!! I’m glad you found a place to express your voice, and I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of it! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead! Cheers, Rajni! 😘

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  4. You have a gift, Perfy. You write so beautifully and your intent is only to share what you feel, which is refreshing in the number-obsessed blogosphere. I enjoy reading your posts and I wish you continue writing and being a part of my world. 😊
    That there were people who asked you silly questions proves that people can live with so much ignorance.

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    • Varsha, so very glad to hear from you. Thank you once again for the lovely words of encouragement. Friends like you are what prompts me come back here and share a little piece of my world as well as peek into a little of yours, all rest matter less.
      Have a super weekend, lots of fun-filled moments and some time for yourself. Hugs

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      • What do I say to this without repeating myself? 😊 We both encourage and inspire each other. Our lives are similar in many ways.
        For our friendship and the virtual presence we have in each other’s lives, hugs!!! 😊

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  5. Aaw Pranitha, I’m glad you chose to enlighten us with your posts through the blogging world.
    You write wonderfully and I am glad I have stumbled across your blog.
    It’s lovely to read that you have many fellow bloggers who encourage you to write.
    Keep doing so for you do it wonderfully. 👍🏼

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  6. Thank you! Happy New Year to you too. ❤ I am blessed to have found you and your blog. Your transparency and beautiful writings brighten my world and encourage me. You are one courageous, lovely lady. 🌻


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