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  1. absolutely, there’s nothing like taking time off from the so-called’fast life’ and our egoistic existence, which we thing is the most colorful balloon, to the rest of the world(which is more important). it only takes a second for our life and what we thought of it to change. I can vouch for that, thanks to my stroke. one second you think you’re the most significant person on this planet, and the next, you ‘re beaten down and realize ‘it’s done for’. let’s take 2017 a bit more lightly. let’s live it out, rather than by merely existing! good reminder, and thanks!

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  2. So true. I experience this personally this time of year. This month is my mother and two brothers birthdays. Sadly, they have been gone for years. My younger brothers both died in their forties and my mother died in 2004. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a blessed New Year.

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  3. I am glad you visited and commented! I have had some wonky WordPress issues lately. Blogs I swore I had followed were not showing up, the reader has been going slow and shutting down my browser, and pages are getting slow to load. All of that to say, I hit the follow button again and maybe this time it will stick!! 😀

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  4. Pranitha, a wonderful piece to share, sometimes many of us forget the afterlife and focus on the short moments. We forget what’s beyond and that the trivial matters in life are not worth wasting moments over. Because time is precious so use it well and take advantage of each moment. 👍🏼

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  5. A short post but worth so many things to reflect on the life that we forgot to live. I am guilty for I forgot to live for the last four years. I didn’t know about this snippet about death reflection in Bhutan. But it’s a powerful reminder. There are few countries that have included Happiness as an indicator of economic growth which was started by Bhutan. How important! The West has emulated it with their Human Development Index (HDI).

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