All Things Paw-sitive!



Biomimicry is an exciting branch of science where scientists use nature to tackle the complexities of modern life.

Whether it is the shark-skin inspired swimwear for decorated Olympian and swimming champion Michael Phelps or studying the technique that busy ants use to defend their nests to help busy human beings defend their emails – nature has always been man’s greatest teacher.

Stories from Panchatantra and Aesop’s fables have been teaching and inspiring children (and adults) life’s lessons. Here is a quick reminder of a few fabled animal stories that might come in handy today:

When in doubt, think of the tortoise running a race with the hare – turn a deaf ear to criticism, accept your imperfections and run your own race. The slow and steady have proven time and again to emerge a winner!

When you want to give up and use excuses as a cover, think of the ‘sour grapes’ that the fox gave up. A little effort is a sure shot to give you a taste of sweet fulfillment!

Be yourself. The ‘blue jackal’ that fooled every animal in the jungle with a ‘blue façade’ did not last long.

Never underestimate anyone, however small, for it is a tiny mouse that chewed away the hunter’s net trap and saved the mighty King of the jungle.

And lastly, a lion and a tiger may be powerful, but you never see a wolf performing at the circus!

Take your paw-sitive pick!

Good Morning!

Thank you, Andrei, for nominating me for the Animal Series. Please visit Andrei’s blog at Andrei’s insights are very interesting and thought-provoking.



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    • Thank you, dear Radhika! I just happened to learn that the story of the Hare and Tortoise has been used in TED talks. What other simple way is so readily available and pique the interest of listener than fabled tales, not surprised that it is used in management studies too!

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  1. A very insightful post, Pranitha! Wisdom is portrayed all around us, in this sense from our animal counterparts. Your fabled analogy are excellent which upon multiple life lessons can be drawn. Science, biology and philosophy in one post. Awesome! 😉👍
    Thank you!

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  2. Wow! These stories remind us that though we are the evolved species we still need to learn something from our fellow earth inhabitants. Every animal has his place in the ecosystem and deserves his place and credit. Loved the biomimicry concept. 👍
    Your post is bang on.

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