‘Inspiration’ has been served!



Hope is a good breakfast, a wise person once said.

Keep your hopes high as you trust your instincts and take your pick from life’s limitless choices.

Be sure to add a dollop of ‘resilience’ into your cool ‘happiness’ smoothie.

Spread in a healthy layer of ‘perseverance’ and ‘optimism’ onto your golden crust of ‘goal’ with just a hint of ‘patience’ and a generous sprinkle of  ‘honesty’.

You may need to sometimes ‘give in’ or otherwise ‘break out of your shell’ in order to get a taste of life’s choicest ‘opportunities’.

Don’t be boxed in, just squeeze out your ‘creative best’.

Even out ‘the praises’ with a level head and take the ‘bitterness’ with a pinch of salt.

And just when your efforts take shape, your doubts vanquished, your struggles and forbearance worthwhile – together they magically become your custom-made ‘emperor’s breakfast’, remember to garnish it with your best smile!

Good Morning!


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