What is your workout routine?

Is it hitting the gym or a daily session of yoga or Zumba or water aerobics?

As for me – we just paint!

In order to ensure a full-blown workout session, you need to be sure that you use poster paint (oil based paints work best), lots of paint brushes and most importantly a super-enthusiastic toddler who takes her painting to feverish heights.

Little Princess and her Mommy decided to paint some shells, that we picked from the seaside. Sid’s new box of poster paints was unearthed from its hiding place and we had a fun morning exercising our creative side.

Once our arty shells were left to dry, other responsibilities took precedence and (I hate to admit it) in all carelessness, I left the bottles of paint unattended.

Fifteen minutes later, I saw that the room that I had left had transformed into Little Princess’s canvas.  She herself reminded me of the colored nomadic tribal children that National Geography frequently aired.  It was either my muddled mind processing what the eyes saw or it was the mother in me that the first thought that occurred to me was – “Could the great Picasso’s mother also been through a creative-overdriven day like this one?”

I was out of my reverie in a jiffy, I gave her a thorough wash (will skip the details on how she went on to splash her paint-stained limbs all over the bathroom floor, the sink and the tub) and shooed her into the next room.

Then began my post-lunch workout – lifting buckets of water, squatting with a wash cloth (for fear that the mop might turn a permanent reddish blackish blue!), scrubbing, more lifting and more squatting. I managed to find nine out of the ten paint brushes coated in thick dark colors and about everything else soaked in a cocktail of bizarre color combinations. I convinced myself that this is her take of ‘Modern Art’ and my lack of understanding as ‘the generation gap’.

By the end, I not only had a sparklingly clean room but the exercise-induced endorphins made me feel good and active again!

I walked into the next room to cuddle my Little Princess, who had decided to nap after a tired morning of painting to her heart’s content (I hope!), but even the endorphins did not help when I saw her tiny hands clutching the missing paint brush soaked in red paint!


Painted shells that thankfully escaped her talented hands as they sat drying in the balcony!



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