Dare to Dream




Perched on the edge of my little nest,

I dare a peek into the world below.

I obliterate the words of caution and discouragement that echo,

drawing inspiration and confidence from my better half,

I venture into the unknown, to chase my dreams.


I dream of soaring with eagles above the clouds,

running with the gazelles so free.

I dream of diving with the dolphins into the heart of the ocean so blue,

buzzing carelessly about fragrant blossoms, drinking life to the very lees.


I dream of basking in every sunrise and sunset,

sometimes from a hilltop, sometimes from behind trees.

I dream of rushing with the gurgling river,

to discover little secrets that the waves conceal.


Not bound by lifeโ€™s constants,

I wish to be alive, in love and create memories,

to enjoy the joys of innocence and the bliss of solitude,

be touched by the grace of the Creator,

As I chase my dreams across the horizon.

  • Pranitha Menon

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