Are You Afraid of The Dark?


Little Princess is not!

My ever-so-curious vivacious three-year-old takes all of five minutes to get her eyes adjusted to the dark before she gets on with her games, rhymes and constant banter with Spiderman, dolly plum, batman, an old broken phone (and whatever has caught her fancy) as some of her many nocturnal companions.

An unexpected surge of energy after 9 pm in spite of a long sleepless day had many a time left me baffled wondering if I was not wisely channeling her increasing zest. An evening at the park with some running and activity seemed like a great idea.

The very next day saw an enthusiastic toddler and her Mommy jogging around the park followed by half an hour of playing and sand castle building at the sand pit. I must admit that she enjoyed her time with her friends (that is about every kid in the sand pit) as much as I enjoyed peeking into the lives of friends on the social media without distraction; however, the mere mention of getting back home got her running in circles around the sandpit throwing a fit. It was then that it occurred to me that the only way to get her out was to not mention it at all! When it was time, I just had to gather enough strength and energy to carry a screaming child wriggling to get back to the sand pit (ignoring the strange stares of other parents and the park security).

To my relief, the first day was a success. Little Princess had a hearty dinner and for once, I had the pleasure of tucking her into bed at a time reasonable enough for a toddler (instead of she tucking me up amongst her companions during my many failed attempts).

However, the next day on, I found myself back to dozing off while my super energized, fresh-as-a-daisy toddler went back to her ways.

Now my sleep patterns have adapted to her rhymes, her constant batter and even managing an ‘okay’ or ‘yes’ for her innumerable questions.  I am yet to get used to her forcing my eyelids open to check if I am asleep or screaming secrets into my ear or an accidental kick accompanied by a sweet apology “I am very sorry Mommy”.

The husband suggested, “Maybe we should send her to night school. At least we will know for sure that she will be the brightest kid in her overnight class while we get our quota of beauty sleep.”

Every morning, as I switch off the zillion alarms and stumble out of bed wondering if the sun rose a bit too early, I dare to take a peek at the sleeping form of my Little Angel lost in her dreamy fantasies and I feel the familiar tug at my heartstrings.

A new day has begun!



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  1. Kids at that age have an unlimited recharge pack……which gets extra recharge at night 😉😉
    Most mother’s have been through this phase Pranitha……..once they start regular school their routines are more structured! Till then innovate and enjoy 😊😊

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  2. My youngest, as a newborn, got up every morning at 5 a.m. while his brother (18 months older) slept. By the time the baby was ready for a nap the other one was ready to get up. I didn’t sleep for years! lol
    They’re in their early 30’s now and I can sleep whenever I want. So hang tough. Eventually they move out!


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