Blogger Recognition Award




I am honoured!!!

Thank you ‘Mumofone’ for considering my blog worthy enough of The Blogger Recognition Award. I would consider this as having achieved my first milestone with my blog that is two months old.

My love for the written word goes way back to my school days – the school library with its neat stack of Panchatantra, Enid Blyton, and Secret Seven; later on Agatha Christie, Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon…..; my mother (an avid reader herself and my first inspiration into the magical world of books) who suggested that I become a member in the few government-operated libraries and escorted me every time I finished my quota of books; my English teacher who drew us into the Adventures of Tom Sawyer during a free hour at school every week; Rabindranath Tagore’s Geetanjali; Shakespear’s ‘As You Like It’ are some of the few reasons that drew me into the wonderful world of books. I worshipped each of these literary genius’ and aspired to be one among them.

My blog ‘Imperfectly Perfect’ is my first step towards sharing with the world about everything I am passionate about.  I hope that with my work I can make a small positive difference to someone’s life, bring a smile on at least one visitor’s face and share the joys of being a mother and my wonderful life in all its imperfections.

In these two months, I have befriended bloggers from around the world, got a peek into their lives and read every one of their pieces between chores (apologies that I get back to commenting and liking these beautiful posts much later, that is, when I find time to sit by my laptop and do so).

I am open to reading interesting posts so do not hesitate to stop by and add a link to your blog in the comments section. You can be assured that I will make time to read, like and comment on each one of your posts.

I thank each of you bloggers who have taken time off your day to read my work.


The rules:

1. Write a new post about the award

2. Thank the person who nominated you

3. Talk about your journey as a blogger

4. What is your advice to other bloggers?

5. Nominate fellow bloggers who are deserving of the award


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