For the love of Reading





Books are windows into a vast world

My seven-year-old came home from school the other day with a report card, and he told me that he had been awarded prizes for the year. I eagerly opened the envelope, my chest heaving with pride, to check the number of subjects that my son had excelled in. I was puzzled when I saw the word ‘reading’ beside his name. Upon further enquiry, I understood that he, indeed, had won a prize for reading.

It is not unknown to me that my son takes pride in his little library, with its collection of encyclopedias and story books. He makes it a point to take some of them to school, to share a few interesting topics with his friends in class, but the idea of applauding and encouraging him by rewarding his efforts and those of many others who have won, too, is a great initiative by schools. Teachers and schools have indeed taken up the UAE authorities’ Year of Reading campaign a step further, by keeping aside time for its students to read out topics of general interest to the class, write reviews of books they pick up from the library and write short stories that are published and displayed on common boards. All of this is done, apart from the usual academic portions that are required to be covered for the year. Books are windows into the vast world outside the confines of the little, closed community we live in. They give insight, knowledge and wisdom to the reader. Encouraging children to read is encouraging and educating tomorrow’s citizens and the many generations to come.

Kudos to UAE’s declaration of 2016 as the Year of Reading .

Happy Reading!!!!

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  1. Wow, i am surprised too that someone gets marks for reading bak there. Its a good habit as one wud become a store house of knowledge and use them to experience the journey path. I am leaving a smile on many writers faces for reading these days. Feels great.


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